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  1. I had a similar set of problems with active sync. I don't know about the other two devices you mention - E100 or Jam - are they WM5 or 2003 devices? I had no problem with an older 2003 device, but it wouldn't work with WM5. First thing, have you upgrated to ActiveSync 4.1? If not this is a good first step. It will take you some way towards solving the problem. Next the problem might be to do with any firewall you are running. See this note from Microsoft about trouble shooting your firewall. I found that when I completely disabled my firewall AS would work. It is then a process of working out the firewall settings. In my case, I finally went for a Bluetooth connection, as it didn't seem to have the same problems. Martin.
  2. I connected my SP5 to my Thinkoutside bluetooth keyboard - which works well straight away - but now I have a problem. I've lost all the number shortcuts next to each option on the menus! Some setting must have been changed when I connected to the keyboard, but I don't know what! Anyone else have this problem, or know a way I can reset back to the number short cuts without a hard reset? thanks martin
  3. Thanks wired&connected. I wwnt back and had a fiddle. I hadn't enabled the serial service on the Laptop. After I did that it all started working! Martin
  4. I am having some problems Syncing my SP5 to a windows XP machine. Using a cable is a bit of a problem due to the company's firewall and VPN settings. I was hoping to use bluetooth, but the SP5 doesn't seem to have a service for syncing. Every time I pair to the PC, I get a choice of just type services, RAS and audio. I know that the computer can do Activesync over bluetooth because I used to do it with an WM2003 PDA. I've even tried three different bluetooth adapters, but I still only get the choice of two services. I am begining to think that it might be that the SP5 isn't capable of syncing over bluetooth. has anyone else had any success? Can you give me any advice? Thanks, Martin
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