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    Is anybody having any issues with the notification LEDs on their TD2? Mine are acting a bit wierd. It lights up orange when charging and green when charged, which is fine. However, the green LED does not flash to say it is connected to a network, and teh blue Bluetooth LED doesn't flash either. However, the green LED does flash when I have a message, which is weird as it should be orange. Thsi happened a couple of days ago, I've since installed the new HTC ROM, but the problem continues. Anybody an ideas?
  2. I have the exact ame problem on my Kaiser, altough it isn't a replacement from O2. If it wasn't fro teh fact I don't have a spare, I'd send it in. I would be really appreciative to hear what your problem is KC, as it does seem to be the same as mine.
  3. davidjp

    Kaiser loosing network

    I'm having the exact same issue. If anyone has an idea I'd be interested to know what is wrong. I'm on O2 if that helps.
  4. I'm having some serious issues with my XDA Stellar at the moment. It keeps on dropping the signal, whether it be GSM, EDGE, or HSDPA, it drops everything. It can go hours without any signal, then get full signal for about 30 seconds, then nothing. It's constantly searching for a signal, so speakers go crazy all the time, and the battery life is shocking. the other night it went from 90% to 10% overnight. I've got the stcok HTC Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM. I thought that might be the issue, but it has done the same with the new O2 6.1 ROM as well. Now for the strange bits. This problem only seems to be evident when I'm at home. It seems to have no problems anywhere esle, and that includes inside other buildings. I would appreciate it if it was a dead spot, but it's a relatively new problem, and my wife is also on O2 and has no problems at all. Does anybody have any ideas, it's really bugging me.
  5. davidjp

    Dodgy buttons

    Is anybody else experiencing problems with the buttons on their Graphite? The '2' button has to be pressed so firmly I think I'm going to crack the phone. The back button isn't much better. Am I the only one that has this issue, and is there a way to sort it? I have to say I've been really dissapointed with this phone. I'll be glad when I can upgrade and get a Stellar.
  6. I'm having that problem too. Strangley enough, the window that tells you your number is invalid has a HTC web address. Which is strange as HTC don't make the graphite.
  7. I'm having the same problem, but it seems to be affecting the '2' button more. Very annoying.
  8. The battery issues seem to have sorted themselves out. I used to have a period where battery life would drop, but I'm not getting 2-3 days with only a 50% reduction in battery life.
  9. davidjp

    Battery life

    I was thinking that something is causing the phone to create the interference. If whatever it is is quite power intensive, then that would explain it. Maybe. ;)
  10. davidjp

    Battery life

    Sorry, I didn't get make myself clear there did I? I meant my PC monitor. You know when you leave your phone next to your PC and the PC's moniter flickers when you're about to receive a call or a text. That's what I was trying, badly, to describe. It's almost as if the phone is trying to get a signal, but constantly doing it for about an hour or so. I leave in an area with 3G, but work in an area without it. Would this be an issue?
  11. davidjp

    Battery life

    I don't know if this is a solution, but it is coincidental. In the main I haven't had too much of a problem with the battery life on my Graphite, but every now and again I do notice a sharp drop. Today was one of those days. The time in whcih the drop occured also appeared to be a time where my phone was doing a lot but without me doing anything. Basically, the moniter at work was flickering like crazy, in true incoming call style. This lasted quite a while. Before it happened I had a 100% charge, according to BatteryLife about 240hrs ;) , afterwards I'm down to 30%. Am I putting 2 and 2 together and getting 5? Or could this be the problem?
  12. I've got a 3rd party plugin I'd like to use.would I go about putting it into the XML?
  13. davidjp

    o2 Graphite User Guide - Link

    O2 have now got it on there standard phone pages. See here.
  14. I've had my Mini S for about 14 months now, and not had any real problems, until recently. For some reason, it keeps dropping it's connection to the O2 network, and won't get it back until I do a soft reset. I've tried switching flight mode on and off, as that seems to cut the signal, but no joy. I've also done a hard reset, but it's still doing it. It's getting really annoying now. Is it a problem with my SIM card? Or has anybody else had the same issue?
  15. davidjp

    XDA Orbit

    Hmmmm, tempting. I'll be keeping an eye out for that. Cheers

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