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  1. One newbie question.. When we use Push To Talk feature (or leave Voice messages) does it use the phone's Data Plan? Thanks!
  2. yes...anyway i'll try to use it for a week...i got this for $65
  3. Yes! its working now... I'm just trying to cautious if something goes bad later...cos i've read many review on sandisk cards, but not on the other ones...
  4. Hi All, I asked the seller and they're saying that the card I got was Toshiba's 1GB miniSD card. The guy said the Sandisk one is in backorder, so they sent me this card instead! Is anyone using Toshiba's card?? Is this card good? I couldn't find a link for a review when i googled also... Anyone, pls suggest whether I should return the card, as I've no idea! Thanks! SG
  5. Hi, I've installed lots of apps in my device (smt 5600). I recently bought a miniSD card and installed some apps on the storage card as well. Now I'm not able to see any of those programs in the Settings -> Remove Programs menu. It is empty. But when i connect my device to PC, i was able to see those programs in the Add/Remove programs of ActiveSycn. Any idea about his problem?
  6. Thank you all..I'll try to contact the seller! btw there are no other marks or nos in the card! it just says 1GB miniSD..no brand names...
  7. Hi All, Is there any way to find the manufacturer of the miniSD card using the phone? I ordered for a 1GB Sandisk miniSD card and got it today. But in the card the word "Sandisk" is not printed as shown in the websites. The adapter that came with this card also doesn't have any thing written about Sandisk. I'm just wondering whether I've got some other card instead of Sandisk? btw, i'm using Audiovox SMT5600...Sandisk? 1GB miniSD. Thanks! SG
  8. Hi, Replico worked like charm! Thanks!! Only thing is it is taking long time to convert big files to replico files... Exporting pdf to text didn't work though, as i don't have that particular font installed in my machine. Is it same that i've to install the font in my phone before trying to read the documents? is it possible to do that?
  9. Hi All, I'm a newbie. Is there any s/w that allows to read the documents (pdf/doc...) that are not in English language (docs with the regional lang font)? (I tried ClearVue pdf..but its not working...) in Audiovox smt5600? Thanks in advance! SG
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