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  1. Hello Somebody can help me 2 doubt 1)Where can i find free GPRS monitor to using in my K-jam ? 2) sometimes i cant roll down the screen with stylus, after align the problem solve for few days, its normal? Cheers Marçal
  2. Hello Guys! Im planning stay in London for 2 days, do you know where can i find HTC wizard to buy? the problems are: i cant buy contract phone because im living in Brazil and my stay in London is too short to buy from some website. * wizard must be sim free. Thx for any help. Marcal
  3. Hello Guys! Im going to UK in Xmas time, so can i buy XDA EXEC and using here in Brazil? ,my actual mobile is tri band and works here, so im only worried about simlock. what is price in UK? suggestions about where(store) can i find in London are welcome. Thanks for attencion. Marcal
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