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  1. Yes, it's true that such a PocketPC phone will come out in Asia! It's developed by Meizu and comes with WIndows Mobile 6 Professional! A price or the technical data does't admit!
  2. It's little bit late but yes, Opera has a special version for WM5 smartphones and it's a must have for such devices I think!
  3. No chance to get it if you aren't develop it by yourself! The HTC Alpine is a great device (I have this model as an O2 XDA 2i myself) but it's too old! Sadly but true because WM5 is really great I think! ;)
  4. Hi everyone Where do I have to post questions about the developing via CAB files? I want to set some settings for my GPRS connection (I use a special proxy server) via a simple CAB file! Here's the o2 settings CAB from Dangaard: <wap-provisioningdoc> <characteristic type="CM_GPRSEntries"> <characteristic type="o2 Web"> <parm name="DestId" value="{436EF144-B4FB-4863-A041-8F905A62C572}" /> <parm name="Enabled" value="1" /> <parm name="UserName" value="" /> <parm name="Password" value="" /> <parm name="Domain" value="" /> <parm name="SpecificIpAddr" value="0" /> <parm name="IpAddr" value="" /> <parm name="SpecificNameServers" value="0" /> <parm name="DnsAddr" value="" /> <parm name="AltDnsAddr" value="" /> <parm name="WinsAddr" value="" /> <parm name="AltWinsAddr" value="" /> <characteristic type="DevSpecificCellular"> <parm name="BearerInfoValid" value="1" /> <parm name="GPRSInfoValid" value="1" /> <parm name="GPRSInfoProtocolType" value="2" /> <parm name="GPRSInfoL2ProtocolType" value="PPP" /> <parm name="GPRSInfoAccessPointName" value="internet" /> <parm name="GPRSInfoAddress" value="" /> <parm name="GPRSInfoDataCompression" value="1" /> <parm name="GPRSInfoHeaderCompression" value="1" /> <parm name="GPRSInfoParameters" value="" /> </characteristic> </characteristic> </characteristic> <characteristic type="CM_Networks"> <characteristic type="o2 MMS"> <parm name="DestId" value="{7022E968-5A97-4051-BC1C-C578E2FBA5D9}" /> </characteristic> </characteristic> <!-- **** GPRS MMS Connection **** --> <characteristic type="CM_GPRSEntries"> <characteristic type="o2 MMS"> <parm name="DestId" value="{7022E968-5A97-4051-BC1C-C578E2FBA5D9}"/> <parm name="UserName" value=""/> <parm name="Password" value=""/> <parm name="DnsAddr" value="" /> <characteristic type="DevSpecificCellular"> <parm name="BearerInfoValid" value="1" /> <parm name="GPRSInfoValid" value="1" /> <parm name="GPRSInfoProtocolType" value="2" /> <parm name="GPRSInfoL2ProtocolType" value="PPP" /> <parm name="GPRSInfoAccessPointName" value="internet" /> <parm name="GPRSInfoAddress" value="" /> <parm name="GPRSInfoDataCompression" value="1" /> <parm name="GPRSInfoHeaderCompression" value="1" /> <parm name="GPRSInfoParameters" value="" /> </characteristic> </characteristic> </characteristic> <!-- **** End of GPRS MMS Connection **** --> <!-- **** Setting up mms client **** --> <characteristic type="Registry"> <characteristic type="HKLM\SOFTWARE\ArcSoft\ArcSoft MMS UA\Config\mm1"> <characteristic type="64864"> <parm name="ConnectionVia" value="{7022E968-5A97-4051-BC1C-C578E2FBA5D9}" datatype="string" /> <parm name="GatewayPort" value="9201" datatype="integer"/> <parm name="MmscURI" value="" datatype="string"/> <parm name="Gateway" value="" datatype="string"/> <parm name="Name" value="o2 MMSC" datatype="string"/> <parm name="RecvDefault" value="99999999" datatype="integer"/> <parm name="WAP2DefaultSize" value="256000" datatype="integer" /> <parm name="SendDefault" value="256000" datatype="integer"/> <parm name="WAPType" value="1" datatype="integer" /> </characteristic> <characteristic type="WspHeader"> <parm name="Accept-Language" value="de" datatype="string"/> <parm name="Accept-Charset" value="us-ascii;utf-8;iso-10646-ucs-2;ISO-8859-1" datatype="string"/> <parm name="Accept" value="image/bmp;image/x-bmp;image/vnd.wap.wbmp;image/gif;image/jpeg;image/jpg;image/png;audio/amr;audio/x-amr;audio/mid;audio/midi;audio/sp-midi;audio/wav;audio/x-wav;video/3gpp;video/mp4;text/x-vCalendar;text/x-vCard;text/plain;application/smil;application/vnd.wap.mms-message;application/vnd.wap.multipart.related;application/vnd.wap.multipart.mixed;application/vnd.oma.drm.message;" datatype="string"/> <parm name="User-Agent" value="HTC-PM10/arcsoft-mmsua-2.0.0.xx" datatype="string"/> <parm name="Profile" value="http://www.htcmms.com.tw/gen/pm10-1.0.xml" datatype="string"/> </characteristic> <parm name="OutputMM1Detail" value="1" datatype="integer"/> <parm name="RetrieveQuickly" value="1" datatype="integer"/> <parm name="SendAndRecvTimeOut" value="30000" datatype="integer"/> <parm name="SendDelayedNotifyResp" value="0" datatype="integer"/> <parm name="SuppressDelayedNotifyResp" value="1" datatype="integer"/> <parm name="WTPMaxRetryTimes" value="8" datatype="integer"/> <parm name="TotalSettings" value="5" datatype="integer"/> <parm name="DefaultSetting" value="2" datatype="integer"/> <parm name="2" value="64864" datatype="string"/> <characteristic type="UI"> <parm name="ConnectionVia" value="o2 MMS" datatype="string"/> </characteristic> </characteristic> </characteristic> <!-- **** End of setting up mms client **** --> </wap-provisioningdoc> (I've extractet it from the CAB with WinRAR) Now I want to add something specially for me: GPRS: name: o2 WAP Flat connect with: office waypoint: wap.xxx.de login name: 123 passport: 321 proxy: name o2 HTML connect from: office connect with: internet proxy: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:xxx type: HTTP login name: 123 passport: 321 name o2 WAP connect from: office connect with: wap-network proxy: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:xxx type: WAP login name: 123 passport: 321 (Not the real data I'm using :)) I've added the xml as an attachmend! _setup.xml
  5. Jo thank you, my HS is now working really good! :) If you want try it out, feel free to do this! (and post any comment that would be helpful for me ^^) You need the SliClock and SSS plugin installed to get my HS working correctly! But need I this sample "SAMPLE FILE.TXT" (or someone else) when I only want modify the registry with this CAB? Animelover.rar
  6. Yes, Vito AudioNotes starts correctly! But some time ago this registry key was existing ...! I don't know why!
  7. Hi I want to remap the Comm-Manager key (long holding) to Vito AudioNotes which is installed on my Storage Card! When I was searching for the key ":MSNOTES" in the registry, I only found this key: ":MSTNOTES"! I have then changed the string 1 from ":MSPOUTLOOK Notes" to "\Storage Card\Program Files\Vito AudioNotes\AudioNotes.exe" but I get an error after press and holdng the Comm-key with "Storage was not found" and the the application is starting! Whats my mistake there? :rolleyes:
  8. Hi everyone I'm new at making CAB-Files and I have a few qustions about it: [SourceDisksNames] 1 = ,"Files",,. What's meaning this? I don't really understand it! [SourceDisksFiles] "SAMPLE FILE.TXT"=1 Is these file recommend and what must I write in this file? [CopyFiles1] "SAMPLE FILE.TXT",,,0x00000000What does the hexadecimal code meaning? Can you explain it please? EDIT: And how can I add new values to the registry such as string, dword or binary? How must I do that? Thanks in advance animelover
  9. Hi Everyone! I want to customize one of my earlier Homescreens with other PlugIns now but only one I'm getting to work on it! I'm going to highschool now (it's originally called "Gymnasium", I'm a German :rolleyes:) and want to show all of my homework, tests, etc. on my Homescreen! The category "School" have I created in Facade! Can anyone help me with the XML-Code? Here is the Code: <?xml version="1.0"?> <home> <author>animelover</author> <contacturl>[email protected]</contacturl> <title>Anime (Schulplaner)</title> <version>1.0</version> <!-- Defaults --> <default target-width="240" target-height="320" font-face="Segoe Condensed" font-size="19" font-weight="normal" padding-left="0" padding-right="0" bgcolor="transparent" fgcolor="COLOR_HOMETEXT" padding-top="0" b-border-color="COLOR_HOMERULE" b-border-width="0"> <format state="selected" fgcolor="COLOR_HOMEHIGHLIGHTTEXT"/> </default> <!-- Background --> <background bgimage="Anime2\Anime.jpg" bgimage-rotated="Anim\Anime.jpg" valign="top" bgcolor="#000000"/> <!-- Colour Scheme --> <scheme> <color name="COLOR_WINDOW" value="#FFFFFF"/> <color name="COLOR_WINDOWTEXT" value="#000000"/> <color name="COLOR_STATIC" value="#FFFFFF"/> <color name="COLOR_STATICTEXT" value="#000000"/> <color name="COLOR_GRAYTEXT" value="#7A7A7A"/> <color name="COLOR_WINDOWFRAME" value="#000000"/> <color name="COLOR_HIGHLIGHT" value="#700104"/> <color name="COLOR_HIGHLIGHTTEXT" value="#FFFFFF"/> <color name="COLOR_MENU" value="#030409"/> <color name="COLOR_MENUTEXT" value="#FFFFFF"/> <color name="COLOR_GRADLEFT" value="#FEB8BA"/> <color name="COLOR_GRADRIGHT" value="#FFFFFF"/> <color name="COLOR_INTGRADLEFT" value="#FEB8BA"/> <color name="COLOR_INTGRADRIGHT" value="#FFFFFF"/> <color name="COLOR_HIGHGRADLEFT" value="#FFFFFF"/> <color name="COLOR_HIGHGRADRIGHT" value="#FFFFFF"/> <color name="COLOR_TRAYGRADLEFT" value="#030409"/> <color name="COLOR_TRAYGRADRIGHT" value="#030409"/> <color name="COLOR_TRAYTEXT" value="#FFFFFF"/> <color name="COLOR_BTNFACE" value="#030409"/> <color name="COLOR_BTNTEXT" value="#FFFFFF"/> <color name="COLOR_SCROLLBAR" value="#2E97E3"/> <color name="COLOR_alertWINDOW" value="#FFFFFF"/> <color name="COLOR_alertTITLE" value="#700104"/> <color name="COLOR_alertRULE" value="#000000"/> <color name="COLOR_HOMETEXT" value="#FFFFFF"/> <color name="COLOR_HOMEHIGHLIGHTTEXT" value="#FFFFFF"/> <color name="COLOR_HOMERULE" value="#003B8F"/> <color name="COLOR_HOMEHIGHLIGHT" value="#000000"/> <color name="COLOR_STARTMENUTEXT" value="#000000"/> <color name="COLOR_SCOLLBAR" value="#700104"/> </scheme> <!-- IconBar Plugin --> <plugin name="iconbar" height="27" clsid="{837FC251-FE69-43ad-84E0-EBCEDEBA0884}"><iconbar fgcolor="#FFFFFF"/><background bgcolor="transparent" b-border-color="COLOR_WINDOWFRAME" b-border-width="0"/></plugin> <!-- SliClock --> <plugin clsid="{224BD9C0-7C5C-4eb4-BADC-2390F26C7F8F}" name="SLiClock" height="260" refresh-delay="-1" bg-color-selected="TRANSPARENT"> <clock-face x="155" y="180" color="#FFFFFF" radius="73" minutes-length="1" minutes-weight="1" hours-length="4" hours-weight="3"/> <date left="100" top="200" bottom="220" right="220" align="center" font-color="#FFFFFF" font-size="16" font-weight="bold" format="dd.MM.yyyy'\nMS Smartphone'"/> <hour-hand border-color="#aaaaaa" fill-color="#EEEEEE" border-weight="1" coords="155,179,150,172,155,125,160,172" x="155" y="180"/> <minute-hand border-color="#aaaaaa" fill-color="#EEEEEE" border-weight="1" coords="155,179,151,172,155,111,159,172" x="155" y="180"/> <second-hand border-color="#CC0000" fill-color="TRANSPARENT" border-weight="1" coords="155,179,152,172,155,109,158,172" x="155" y="180"/> <alarm-hand border-color="TRANSPARENT" fill-color="#dd0000" border-weight="0" coords="155,108,158,118,152,118" x="155" y="180"/> <alarm-text left="100" top="130" bottom="150" right="220" align="center" font-color="#FFFFFF" font-size="17" font-weight="normal" format="'Alarm: 'H:mm"/> <appointment-hand border-color="TRANSPARENT" fill-color="#00ff11" border-weight="1" coords="155,108,158,113,152,118" x="155" y="180"/> <appointment-scale fill-color="#00cd00" border-color="#aaaaaa" border-weight="1" radius="67" weight="3" x="155" y="180"/> <operator left="100" top="140" bottom="160" right="220" align="center" font-color="#FFFFFF" font-size="16" font-weight="bold"/> </plugin> </home> And here's the Image I'm using for it and which is showing how I wish it:
  10. Hi TalisaC: If you want such a analogue clock on your Today-Screen, take a look on SBSH Clock (it's a link, follow it :()! Or if you understand a little bit German you can try this little Freeware: rlToday (PPC-Welt.info, German-speaking community for PDA's)! I hope it helps you! :) EDIT: @mokschnok and other: I have a little bit problems with this very great PlugIn! I want to put some other PlugIns under SliClock (digital clock, SMS/MMS/eMail-PlugIn) but if I do this I have to scroll a complete page down for these PlugIns! :rolleyes: I have attached my (beta!!!) HS with picture! I'm using a Qtek 8310 with iMate SP5-ROM (version 2.5.331.2 WWE)! Animefan__Beta_.zip
  11. Hi Can anyone of you give me a link where I can download a german or english ROM for my Mio 8390? I had bought on eBay a chinese 8390 but I can't read or write chinese! :oops:
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