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  1. Confirm the error message on the phone about CallLog Module failure. Or there is updated version of jeyo that avoids this problem...
  2. Start->MIDlet Manager - here you can find all installed midlets
  3. http://www.modaco.com/index.php?showtopic=234284 http://www.modaco.com/index.php?showtopic=233279
  4. also Jeyo Mobile Companion works fine, or the Resco Screen Capture (installed with Resco Photo Viewver, but maybe it is also standalone version?)...
  5. It is working fine with default settings :D When I tried it few week ago, I was surprised that it is quite same as on my PC, it quite clear and not too much echoes and interruptions 8) I can confirm, I also use the low cpu version LarsDK: looks someone already post the file ;)
  6. 1. extract 000Skype.001 from the cab file 2. rename 000Skype.001 to skypeppc.exe 3. copy to phone and run it ;) 4. use for example pocket controler to select Sign In button 5. use skype 8) more you can find here Gomer
  7. it is not the same - they still have numbers as choice, but the menu is sorted alphabetically - look at the pictures (in mentioned link there are letters instead of numbers, it is something else) check HCU-Software-Microsoft-Shell-StartMenu-Order - this value defines the order of the first screen of the start menu (I hope :roll: ) - and try to change it like you need...
  8. working on mine, but it is not for 320x240, so it is just on "half" of the screen
  9. try to remove the keyboard from Bluetooth devices - I had similar problem with my K700i (I setup it to control my Qtek - so maybe it is same as your BT keyboard)
  10. Thanks for help. I had mpx200 before so I thought that the Start - Settings - Beam - Accept all incoming beams ticked is for infra only, don't know why, so I had it unchecked :oops: . Now it is working fine.
  11. I tried to send some files like pictures, melodies, etc. from my other cell phones (SE K700i, Siemens S65), but without success - I can see my Qtek, I can try to send file, but the transfer is not established... I tried to use BT in On mode, Discovery mode, secure, unsecure... Where could be the problem? Is there any solution? Thanks
  12. Personal Vehicle Manager Codewallet Total Commander TCPMP Agile Messenger CityTime Alarms Facade xBar
  13. I have the same issue - everything is working except Call History (or better say I am not able to import Call History...) :cry:
  14. when you select for example Text messages use Menu->Options->New Account
  15. Thank you! Searching is about correct query :oops: I didn't use the keylock phrase when searching :oops:
  16. I don't want to use every time the red phone key for locking keypad, I want to use something like the Enable Phone Lock function is, but without password. Is there such function? I was not able to find it... Thanks.
  17. Qtek 8310 ROM: Operator: 1.5.322.5 Radio: OS: 5.1.70 (Build 14406.1.1.1)
  18. It is possible to use ringtones from miniSD as specific ringtone for contact? I don't have the miniSD yet, so I can't try. Thanks.
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