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  1. I'm guessing PPC, but I'm thinking a really good idea (since it's losing the D-pad) is to have the numeric keys double as arrows with the 5 doubling as the select/enter key when not in phone dialing mode.
  2. Maybe ZapIt! would work. I've got it programmed to the Camera button right now, and that works fine.
  3. Instead of playing with that, I just use PPC Profiles Pro to turn off my notification sounds when in "Sleep" profile, and I still get the emails. They just don't wake me up.
  4. I wouldn't say that. I'd say, too big for someone who wants to use it solely as a phone. It's roughly the same size as a PDA, and not too much smaller than my old 6315. I don't even answer my Wizard these days; that's what Bluetooth is for. But I likes me some 8gb, dual screen, etc. This is a nice followup to the Mpx300 that didn't last long enough. How many people looked at the DualCor cPc and thought, "Y'know, if it only had a cell phone..."? Now that I have a converged device, I'd never go back to just a cell phone or even just a PDA. I won't even buy a laptop after my Wizard. This to me is the equivalent of an upgrade...
  5. I've heard rumors of people doing a hard reset on their TMO MDA, then somehow stopping the reload of the entire TMO ROM. Supposedly they can then load only specific programs, saving lots of room on their MDA/Wizard. Has anyone done this, and do you have a process for it? I don't want to lose ALL the TMO stuff, because I like the email setup feature (it's easy), but I don't need the Hotspot signon crap and most of the other defaults. Has anyone else seen a thread that details this? Thanks!
  6. Reading eBooks, occasional browsing (esp for movie times), tracking my work hours, checking email all day long, directions (Mapopolis or Mapquest), listening to music on my BT headset, and in general, as a PIM.
  7. You can't install ANY 3p sw? Not even Microsoft Reader, or something small like ZapIt!? Can you not install cab files directly from the device, or just exe files from your computer? It might be an ActiveSync issue.
  8. You'll have to be more specific. If you want something that unlocks specific applications, that's one thing. If you want an application that unlocks your phone, that's another.
  9. Also, are you using TMobile's myEmail? If so, you can edit them on the website, delete the account from your PDA and reload it from the site.
  10. I think you're looking at the wrong Loox. Check out this link: http://gps.engadget.com/2006/01/12/fujitsu...phones-gps-vga/ It has a keyboard, the same size screen as a treo, and everything else. Price is probably comparable to the Mitac Mio A701 that came out last week, which is $675. Pretty decent pricing for what you get, I think.
  11. I bought the MDA and got it for $300 after rebate because I bought it at a store instead of online. Couldn't wait any longer. No regrets. Until last week there was a company selling the MDA with a new TMO account for $100 + shipping, but oh well... I wanted to wait for the Mio A701 with built-in GPS. I didn't wait and I'm glad. The Mio has a faster processor, but the MDA has the keyboard. It was basically pay $300 for a faster processor and a GPS. I can get an iTrek bluetooth GPS receiver that connects to my MDA for under $100, so that was an easy decision for me. Besides, they're almost the same size. Only issues I've had with my MDA are the lack of profiles (PPC Profiles is free, though), and the backlight only has four settings instead of the 20 I had on my 6315. Everything else is freakin' golden. Best phone and best PDA I've ever had.
  12. Sure. You can use Weather To Go from tonaya.com. It doesn't update automatically (you have to click the update button), but you can specify two locations (by ZIP code) and show up to a five-day forecast. Click on the day's display & get more detail. It's free. What else are you looking for? I pretty much won't buy anything for my MDA because next time I upgrade, I tend to lose it. I had a nice freeware program called WorldToday that gave me local time in from 2 to 6 cities, but it doesn't like WM5, so I lost that... There's also a googlesearch today app that searches directly from your today screen; kinda nice. The only other apps I generally use are cLaunch and PPC Profiles. Both are free. If you REALLY want to scare people with your screen, try eXPerience, the XP shell for your PPC. It's free because they went out of business, but it works nicely on WM5 (http://www.digitalexpedition.com/main/index.htm). When in doubt, hit freewareppc.com and look around.
  13. You probably haven't actually setup the email accounts on your device yet. Click on the Messaging button and look at the active accounts. If you only see MMS, SMS, Outlook E-Mail, and Text Messages, you haven't setup your accounts. First, setup the accounts on the TMO website. Next, on your MDA, click on Start, Programs, My E-Mail and run through that to setup your MDA. Old PPCPE 2003 devices could setup email accounts using the TMO website, but WM5 devices don't work that way. The MDA should ask which accounts you want setup. You can then customize your email behavior. If you just want the alerts to stop, set it up that way. If you don't want to get email on your phone at all, turn off the alerts on the TMO website. EMail me if you need any help with this.
  14. I just get this error when trying to open the file: "The archive is either in an unknown format or damaged"
  15. You don't have to use Outlook to download to your Vario. I'm using the MDA now and there are two other ways to do this. 1. Be a TMO customer & use my.email, which handles all your email accounts, and doesn't delete them from the servers. 2. Setup the email account yourself and tell the phone to check every XX minutes. This also doesn't remove them from the server. I use the first option so my phone only checks mail when I have new mail, and I delete any mail I don't want. In PPCPE 2003 I told it to delete the files completely, and also never to save Sent copies. When I deleted something from my phone, it was gone. The email would still be on the server, though, and when I got home & opened Outlook, there was all the email. As far as I can tell, mail sent from anywhere other than the gmail website doesn't go into Sent Mail.
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