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  1. ugh i cant believe i couldnt figure that out. basically typing with this thing is a breeze (this post took me about a minute). As far as typing one handed i cant do it like i used too with my regular phone. I cant really even type without looking at the keys even tho i can on a keyboard. practice makes perfect tho
  2. So basically i want to be able to to make it so that when i push the tzones key it brings up task manager like my c550 used to do with the ie key on the side
  3. Hmm well when i turned on wifi it found my network instantly and i browsed about two pages until i ie stopped working but it still said connected so i restarted my router (which needs to be done every now and then for me) and it worked again from then on. That seems like a problem with my router tho not my dash i will try other networks and see if i run into problems
  4. I'm testing out my new Dash compared to my C550. The keyboard seems just as good for text messages. I dont go on the internet much but the keyboard is way better for typing in address. The buttons are kinda small so it seems like my giant fingers keep hitting the wrong keys but then i look and the message came out fine. It has xt9 which for some reason annoys me and i cant turn it off. Why would i need predictive text when i can type exactly what i want?
  5. Hi, my family just added unlimited text messaging to our plan so i was wondering if there was a program that would let me run aol instant messanger through text messages rather than gprs. I searched google and modaco but i didnt find any actual programs that could do this. I know my regular samsung e315 phone could do it so i figure my big bad c550 should be able to as well. Thanks.
  6. Alright well i just finished installing and setting up both spb pocket plus and phoneAlarm and now all of a sudden my comm manager menu has changed. It now only has symbols and the buttons are: Wifi, Bluetooth, Vibrate, Active Sync. I want to go back to having Phone, Wifi, Bluetooth, Active Sync. Does anyone know what i did? I'm sure its a setting in one of the two programs but i just cant figure it out.
  7. Ok well i have tried a few games and most are very slow. I guess i can put up with it but i want to know if i could make it faster. I set it at CPU 100 and frameskip 4 (frameskip doesnt really seem to make it any better any way i adjust it). Does the size of the Rom influence the speeds or do i just have to try all 5 versions of the same game in order to see if it will work.
  8. I bought mine for £130 plus £10 shipping to the US off ebay which i thought was a good deal considering that the smt5600 are going for about the same price. I'm sure you could get even more if you bought one and sold it on ebay.
  9. Well I think i would try a hard reset and see if that fixes the problem before i go out and buy a new phone.
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