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  1. phunni

    XMOD: MoDaCo Toolkit for Xposed Framework

    Would it be possible, either standalone or as some kind of hook in to tasker, to have a root hide/disable on a per app basis.
  2. I've recently tried to purchase a couple of things "in app" and, in every case, the purchase goes through and then the app crashes. The result being that Google Play thinks I've bought it (and has charged me for it), but the app doesn't think I've got the item. This has happened with a couple of different apps, so I don't think it's app specific - more likely a problem with Google Play. One of the apps has a "restore in app purchases" option, but it's still unable to find my purchases. I've emailed the developers in question,but have not yet received a reply. I will continue to contact them, but I wondered if anyone else was having this problem and if anyone knew of a way to prevent it from happening in the future?
  3. Thanks - that's worked.
  4. Bump - any ideas? I saw the same problem on a friend's s3 mini today.
  5. When I'm trying to watch a video on the official "video player"app, it displays the number of the current chapter at the bottom of the screen - like this: This is displayed in landscape view as well - on the video itself, if there are no black bars. I can't seem to find any option to turn this off. I'm running the latest stock (4.1.2) on a rooted s3
  6. I've used this and also persuaded the LastPass devs to do this. However, in both the case of the LastPass and my app (Who's Got What) when moving the divider it always jumps straight to the top or bottom of the screen and can't be moved. Is this an issue with the dimensions? Or something else?
  7. phunni

    The case for the S3

    My wife made me a pouch case the other night. It's about 1mm too short, but I'm pretty happy.
  8. phunni

    The case for the S3

    Does it fit well? A few of the Amazon reviews say that it's too small.
  9. Installed on N1 running cyanogen 7 and it seems to work, but then simply gets stuck at the "loading" bit after allowing account access.
  10. phunni

    XMOD: Region / Device / Root patched Google Wallet

    Is it currently only McDonalds and Gregg's that accept NFC payments?
  11. phunni

    We're giving away a RaspberryPi!

    Using a Nexus One & intrigued by the Pi
  12. phunni

    Clockwork Mod is broken

    Managed to figure it out - and it's down to my own stupidity :-) I was navigating Clockwork with the volume keys and the power button. As soon as I tried using the trackball it worked perfectly again! Doh!
  13. phunni

    Clockwork Mod is broken

    I currently have a broken Miui on my phone and am desperately trying to restore a previous backup via clockwork mod. Unfortunately, whenever I select anything from the main menu in clockwork, it simply displays the hat and gear icon and nothing else. I tried reflashing clockwork from ROM Manager, but it fails every time with no error. It seems unable to establish whether clockwork is installed and unable to reflash it. Rom manager does have root permissions. I have attempted to reflash clockwork manually, but fastboot simply sits there "waiting for device". Can anyone help me get my phone working again? Please?
  14. phunni

    'Odex Me' application

    I'm currently running it on the latest miui for N1. All the .odex files seem to have been created, but it just seems to run again on reboot. Or am I just not being patient enough? It's definitely rebooted at least once during the process - which I had hoped meant it was done. Should I wait longer or is it just not working properly?
  15. phunni

    root with existing ROM

    Thanks - although it looks like I might have to unlock my bootloader, which will, apparently, wipe the device...

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