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  1. hi, anyone know if htc/qtek is releasing new smartphone similar to qtek8310 but better? or in other words any words on next generation smartphone of qtek 8310? regards,
  2. hi, i have qtek 8310. how is it possible to remove all contact lists and calendar entries. i do not want to go through all entries one by one and delete them. we can reset the phone but them all my installed programs are also gone. will really appreciate help. rnv
  3. Hi, Qtek 8310 Operator version: 1.5.312.6 ROM version: Radio version: OS version: 5.1.70 (Build 14406.1.1.1) RIL version: 2.002 will appreciate if someone can point out what difference is there with the new rom update with the one i have. regards
  4. thanks,.. then is it possible to use thie vcf files to view appointments and calendar. how?
  5. Hi, Is it possible to save Appointments and contact details in miniSD card (1gb) when i synchronise? i am using qtek 8310. will really appreciate. regards, rnv
  6. hi, i do not have miniSD. my qtek 8310 constantly alerts me that the phone is running out of free storage space and i should remove unused files. i do not have any music or pictures in my device. the only thing i use is the hotmail. where does it stores mails from hotmail or how do i remove it? best regards, rnv
  7. hi all, i am planning to get qtek 8310. from the device specification i find it really appealling. What are the opinions of all qtek 8310 users regarding this device? is the device stable? functionality of the device good? are you satisfied with the device? etc. with best wishes
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