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    t9 text input

    I have 2002 OS, does the t9 text input get better in 2003? Or is there something else I can download to improve it. My old phone had much better predictability and autocomplete functions. (motorola) Thanks S.
  2. For my service, I do not have email/data service. But I do have SMS messaging. On my old phone (non samsung) i could send SMS message to email addresses. Can I do this with the i600? The phone wants to send it via an email server, instead of SMS, so I can figure it out. Thanks in advance S.
  3. I want to send a message (SMS) to all my contacts to let them know my new phone number, Is there a way I can select all the names easily. Or am I stuck adding each one at a time. Thanks S.
  4. I can sync all my Outlook Tasks to my i600 (2002 OS) no problem. When I go to review the tasks on the phone there is no option to look at the details or even scroll through the title to see the complete task. What am I missing here...you have to be able to open up a task and see the complete text. Help :) S.
  5. Success!! well almost - I know how to set the phone up. But Bell says they can only set it up as analog. :) That means all the cool digital stuff is bunk. I need to work my friends..to see if I can get them to add it to there network properly...but I am getting close. S.
  6. Bell says they can do it - they need the lock codes, which I got from Verizon. But my latest challenge is that the Bell rep at the store could not figure out how to get to the unlock interface. Blah. Not sure if this is a result of the person not being that bright, or Verizon having different codes to get to that sceen to enter the unlock code. The end result is that getting the full functionality of this phone on their network is suspect, but I am going to try. Does anyone know how to get to that unlock screen?
  7. I just picked up an i600 and will be setting it up with our CDN wireless provider... My question is on the software to set up on my PC - It was a verizon phone and still running 2002. Should I use the installation disks from Verizon...or is there a better way to hard reset the device and load it up with non branded OS. Thanks S.
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