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  1. gr8, thanks! ---anyone know of any freeware ones? :) -but if i have to pay, i have to pay... ;)
  2. hi, tried searching the forums & google but couldn't find anything... does anyone know of a way to block individual numbers from calling your phone? i know its possible on the samsung d600e, but am struggling finding anything for the m600. thanks for any help!
  3. orange... 240 xnet 120 landline 1000 text magic number every 6 months (60mins for 1min six times a day!) free answer phone free insurance and FREE 8mb broadband! every month all for
  4. i used to work for a large computer store retailer in the uk, and we could not return monitors with 'a' dead pixel. like the person said before me, less than five is deemed as an 'acceptable' amount. all though i don't agree with it, and would kick off big style if it happened to me, it is accepted among retailers as the 'norm', wether that be a law or a rule set by retailers....
  5. anyone know how i can use mp3's as ringtones on my m500?
  6. aac is the best format. scientific fact ;) mp3 is second best. wma is pants.
  7. best i could find in the uk was www.7dayshop.com
  8. hi all. i want to be able to 'copy and paste' images from the net to my m500... is it me, or can it not be done? is there any s/w that allows me to do this? thanks!
  9. hi all. i want to play avi files and mpegs on my m500... does anyone have any recommendations please? thanks
  10. found a s-w-e-e-t piece of software called z4music which works great on my m500 :) cost me about £9.00 but i'm well chuffed pretty much identical to fruityloops 1. click here for link it's free to try :D
  11. i've heard i can get a wifi sd card for my spv m500.... anyone know if theres any truth in this? ;)
  12. i found a link in the forums for doom on the pocket pc, the software is for a smartphone... does anyone know if this means smartphone software will work on my pocket pc too? thanks.
  13. word up people! just a general question here :?: i'm due to get my m500 soon and would like to know what it is capable of! what is YOUR favourite piece of m500 software and what does it do? thanks ;)
  14. yeh the bhudda machine is coool -i called at the boomkat shop (pelican neck records) ...they said there's only a couple left but you can only buy them online! -when i got back on the net they'd sold out ;) well gutted! :D thanks! some interesting stuff there :) wouldnt it be cool if someone released a pocket pc version of fruityloops 1! sigh! oh well. . . :D
  15. i'm due to get an m500 in the next couple of weeks :) does anyone know if a drum machine (software) available for it? somethin where i can create some drum beats on the move? -is there any interesting music software that anyone knows of? thanks in advance :D
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