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  1. I would like to try it first and see what they do with 6.1 which everyone seems to be doing something different, but you would have to say that it looks like motorola is going in the right direction for once since the razr its all gone downhill for them.
  2. if it was me, the next spv i would get would be the m700.
  3. i'm sorry pd.ryder let me try to explain myself to you. all i was saying is that the post above mine is blaming the cost of 3g and various other factors i know the thread has gone off course as such here !bump!
  4. do you not want progress? 3g is here and now 4g is coming and then you have other options as well technology is improving all the time you cannot be just living in the past.
  5. look for the htc muse that looks good only 2.1mp camera.
  6. mobieg

    Shockproof nokia

    if it was me i would wait for nokia 5500 which should have come out last month in cpw magazine and website.
  7. mobieg

    orange spv c500

    on orange website click on help and support then enter what phone you are using. bottom right hand side of picture of phone download pdf user guide.
  8. and only when the contract has been completed/paid off.
  9. i would think that orange and the other networks are going to roll out HSDPA. just like gprs was the boost to gsm it is natural for 3g to HSDPA.
  10. mobieg

    Network deals

    three and t-mobile have the best contracts and you would get the most from your money with. pay as you go i do not know about.
  11. i got the same message today as well.
  12. for me the best classic phone se t610. i loved that phone i thought it was so cool and always used to carry the cleaning cloth.
  13. mobieg

    Network deals

    you would be better off going on contract or change network that will give you something back with top ups.
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