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  1. I think the question is how to SIM unlock the phone w/o any fee :-( I badly need the procedure as well. EDIT 12/27: You may want to check this post from jockyw in xda-dev, he said just sent him some files and unique ID and he can unlock the phone. PM him and he'll reply with an offer (I havent' tried it though) http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=354053
  2. yello... mustasa kalabasa?
  3. kapjack... ngaun ko lng nabasa to ah.. hehehe nakareply ako sayo sa esato re: this no?
  4. HUH!?!? buy and sell lng po to ng mga windows powered phones/pocket pc.. i doubt if me nagbebenta ng xbox 360... unless its running on Windows Mobile 5.0 ;)
  5. its not possible .. i tried it before.. the tool(handy SPV) is checkin' the USB port for connected smartphone.. bakit wala kang cable? ano ginagamit mong pangcharge?
  6. if you r lookin for shops that can unlock yoursmt5600, there are only a few shops that unlock windows mobile phones, esp. ur smt5600, why because it was never released in the philippines. you would find online procedures to unlock ur phone though.. --->> http://www.modaco.com/INFO_Decert_SIM_Unlo...50-t222786.html
  7. SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Up for grab: one (1) iMate Jam and one (1) Cingular 8125. 1) iMate JAM (HTC Magician/Same as O2 xda mini)
  8. Got this mail from Skype.. now skype calls to US/Canada landline are free til the end of the year. great if u have a wifi PPC with skype, not living in the US/Canada(or dont want to spend a penny to call ur family or friends in the US and canada) or simply if u have skype on ur PC and want to use it to call ur friends. tried it and it worked just fine. Calls to friends and family on Skype have always been free. Now we've made calls within the US and Canada to all phones totally free till the end of the year. Starting from today it doesn't matter if it's a Skype-to-Skype call or a call to landline or mobile phone - it's free as long as you're calling from within the US or Canada to US or Canadian phone number.
  9. Dell PC Category: Pocket PC Today Screens QVGA File Version: - File License: General License Description: Dell PC supports both portrait and landscape View File Submitted by ericharlz, on Today, 01:21
  10. 316 downloads

    supports both portrait and landscape


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