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  1. Awesome stuff Paul. Wanted one of these when they were first announced but then was underwhelmed when the news about no market/google apps etc. came out. Seriously want one again now B) Anyone want to buy a kidney :)
  2. Makes sense as you are not overwriting anything in ROM. You would need to create a new ROM which included the liberate files and flash that.
  3. Still, the atom's aren't all they're cracked up to be are they (at least not from the performance side of things). I would expect at least 3 hours from a device such as this but obviously the more the merrier.
  4. Paul, The guys over at GottaBeMobile.com have come up with an interesting point: do SHIFTpacks infringe upon any licensing agreements (i.e. is the Shift licensed for full WinMob 6)? Now I know most people aren't really that worried when we hack our devices to bits (especially with the stuff we get from XDA-devs) but it's worth considering. I don't know if you've checked this out at all - the GBM guys are apparently asking MS. That aside, this is a great piece of work and may encourage some to shell out where perhaps they wouldn't have considered it with the Shift in it's normal "crippled" state. It will be intersting to see if there is any impact on sales. I still, however, think the device is overpriced and will need a price reduction before it really takes off. Colin.
  5. I installed the WM6.1 version of IE and also had no srolling issues. If you install the slow scrolling fix after the WM6.1 IE you will break the Zoom Out function. Just FYI.
  6. Didn't get a restart prompt here I'm afraid. All good now though.
  7. Interesting - after installing it I got a W???? Doing a soft reset sorted it out though - phew!
  8. Good old Orange, they just don't have a clue do they :) They'll have to bring the price down once the exclusive period ends. Oh and they need to get their facts straight: WM6? er, no... SnapVUE, yes!
  9. Thanks for this Paul. Picked up my Touch Plus last night and already has this lined up for install :) Why HTC didn't do this themselves is beyond me.
  10. They have them in stores but customer service will be a couple of days.
  11. Definitely not the same price... They wanted to charge me £120 (AFTER my upgrade allowance) for the Vario III but I'm getting the Touch Plus for free.
  12. I upgraded to this on T-Mob on Saturday despite them not having any in and was told that they are still expecting them at any time - should be by the end of the month. They'd better hurry up - I want my new phone :)
  13. Subscribed to the feed - will listen later when I get the chance and let you know.
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