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  1. Could you please post link to kernel i'd love to try it out
  2. Hi could someone please post the custom kernel from the r1 release so i could have a play with it many thanks
  3. hi when i flash this kernel ontop of corvus5 rom i loose my boot image any ideas
  4. hi ive just exported the registry files from"Hkey_local_machine/comm/connmgr/destinations/" it shoul be just a matter of overwriting the registry entries with these.i got them from my orange c600 which i only got yesterday. i also found NRE_1.6.333.2 sp5 rom @ if you would like the registry entery's just email [email protected] and i will send them to yuo. :)
  5. Hi have any of you tried the omapclock overclocking software on your C550. i am using it now and so far ive got to 252Mhz.IF you try it please post results. :)
  6. Can u please give me a url as i cant seem to find any skins anywhere
  7. Hi i have dowloaded a skin put everything in the Storage\Application Data\Microsoft\Media Player folder on my c550 but it will not see the skin any ideas?
  8. Well i have killed 2 c550 by trying to flash the wrong rom onto them and both times i ended up with white screens.your phone is well and truley DEAD.Both times i have taken them back to the shop and had a new phone each time.
  9. sorry to say this but if u just got a white screen i think u phone is ucked :)
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