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  1. Check out my app Rise Up! Radio/Alarm: Featuring reaction time game, thousands of radio stations and stunning themes, it harnesses extensive sleep research to give the ultimate sleep experience from the moment you go to bed till you wake in the morning. Main features: Beautiful nightstand with choice of clock themes prepared by our fantastic design team, including old-style LED, LCD and gorgeous Nixie tubes Thousands of radio stations, including BBC, NPR, Digitally Imported and many more Sleep mode - choose from radio or relaxing sounds including the sea, jungle, a soothing fan, white noise, or hipnotic binaural beats Natural alarm mode softly fades in Reaction time test to dismiss alarm (or flip to snooze) Other features: Looks stunning on devices right from QVGA through to high-res 10inch tablets, including the Nexus 7 Weather display adjusted to your location Wake to your choice of radio/tones/speaking clock/your music Alarm tones include dubstep, ambient beats and special 520hz alarm tone (proven to be more effective at waking deep sleepers) Tap-for-time – tap the screen during the night and the phone will read out the current time Slide finger to adjust brightness Night-time airplane mode to avoid mobile signals affecting sleep Alarm fail-safe includes fallback tones in case Internet radio can’t connect or selected song is not available Alarm timer Adjustable snooze time and number of snoozes allowed Homescreen widget with display of next alarm Alarm skip Sleep science features including suggested nap time, in-app sleep tips, reaction time game to avoid sleep inertia, 520hz alarm sound and binaural beats. Download at Play Store: https://play.google....iseupradioalarm Please post any feedback - I want this to be the best alarm clock on Android!
  2. Unfortunately I don't have the time or resources to do what you're after. All I did here was observe the following in the logcat on startup, so I grabbed that file from Trip's CM9 ROM. The audio input fix was quite similar, but files from HTC stock. W/dalvikvm( 523): JNI_OnLoad returned bad version (-1) in /system/lib/libdrmframework_jni.so 0x0
  3. Grr, isn't it frustrating! If only someone would point out that the fix is as simple as copying this file to /system/lib: http://www.mediafire.com/?swzw68a1a87902a Ah well!
  4. Well done, all working great except Market! :) Works with SebastianFM overclocked kernel, but unstable with the TripNKernel. Audio input/voice control not working, but does work if you put on stock HTC audio libs (audio.primary.default.so, audio_policy.default.so, audio.ad2dp.default.so, libaudioflinger.so and remove audio.primary.MSMXXX.so and audio_policy.MSMXXXX.so) W/PackageManager( 394): Library not found: /system/framework/com.google.widevine.software.drm.jar E/PackageManager( 394): Package com.android.providers.drm has no signatures that match those in shared user android.med ia; ignoring! ... E/dalvikvm( 523): ERROR: couldn't find native method E/dalvikvm( 523): Requested: Landroid/drm/DrmManagerClient;._initialize:()I E/dalvikvm( 523): Candidate: Landroid/drm/DrmManagerClient;._initialize:(Ljava/lang/Object;)I W/dalvikvm( 523): JNI_OnLoad returned bad version (-1) in /system/lib/libdrmframework_jni.so 0x0 W/dalvikvm( 523): Exception Ljava/lang/UnsatisfiedLinkError; thrown while initializing Landroid/drm/DrmManagerClient; W/DownloadManager( 523): Exception for id 4525: null W/DownloadManager( 523): java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError W/DownloadManager( 523): at com.android.providers.downloads.t.b(DownloadDrmHelper.java:45) W/DownloadManager( 523): at com.android.providers.downloads.n.a(Helpers.java:207) W/DownloadManager( 523): at com.android.providers.downloads.n.a(Helpers.java:128) W/DownloadManager( 523): at com.android.providers.downloads.DownloadThread.a(DownloadThread.java:605) W/DownloadManager( 523): at com.android.providers.downloads.DownloadThread.a(DownloadThread.java:275) W/DownloadManager( 523): at com.android.providers.downloads.DownloadThread.run(DownloadThread.java:186) W/DownloadManager( 523): Caused by: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: unknown failure W/DownloadManager( 523): at java.lang.Runtime.loadLibrary(Runtime.java:391) W/DownloadManager( 523): at java.lang.System.loadLibrary(System.java:535) W/DownloadManager( 523): at android.drm.DrmManagerClient.<clinit>(DrmManagerClient.java:56) W/DownloadManager( 523): ... 6 more D/Finsky ( 2207): [1] DownloadQueueImpl.notifyProgress: self-update-download: onProgress 0/-1 Status: 491. D/Finsky ( 2207): [1] DownloadBroadcastReceiver.onReceive: Intent received at DownloadBroadcastReceiver D/Finsky ( 2207): [1] DownloadImpl.setState: self-update-download from DOWNLOADING to ERROR. D/Finsky ( 2207): [1] DownloadQueueImpl.onError: self-update-download: onError 491. D/Finsky ( 2207): [1] DownloadQueueImpl.remove: Download self-update-download removed from DownloadQueue
  5. Similar question - Trip, can you help me? I've got a Nokia 5110 with S40 and Golden snap-on cover, any way I can the CM9 to work? I've tried everything. (and before you ask, I know the colors won't look right on the screen!)
  6. Yep, while Trip's done a great job getting this stable, unfortunately it's now getting a bit behind the CM9 build, which has audio-input working as well as Google Chrome (something to do with HWA).
  7. I'm still on B003 and it is working very well, much more stable than previous versions. Will upgrade shortly to B004. Main things I'm currently lacking is Google Chrome Android isn't working (white screen issue - normally caused by lack of HWA from what I've read) and audio input isn't working, so no voice control. Well done on progressing it so fast!
  8. MIUI Calendar is included, but not Google calendar (CalendarGoogle.apk) which is in http://www.multiupload.com/B1TZD65GBR Also Google Talk from there works fine for me too.
  9. To fix calendar just copy CalendarGoogle.apk from the gapps zip to /system/app ROM works pretty well!
  10. Great ROM, outside a couple of issues works very well! Has anyone managed to get Kindle reader app working on it?
  11. Trip - I'm sorry to hear things are getting worse before they'll get better. But they will get better. As I mentioned earlier in this thread, A-GPS is currently not working in TripNMIUI (despite on-screen prompts that seem to indicate the opposite, it's not possible to tell whether you're using A-GPS or GPS from Maps or GPS Status apps, only from adb logcat) However the CM-team have now fixed the bug, and it appears you can apply the fix by copying the gps.pyramid.so from their ROM to /system/lib/hw. A copy is at https://rapidshare.com/files/3799544876/gps.pyramid.so - hopefully Trip will include this in the next version of his ROM. One other small text bug that should be a quick fix - instead of 'Missed Call' it says 'Lunar Calendar' in the call log.
  12. Looking forward to trying 007B! Has anyone been able to check whether adb logcat shows: loc_eng_set_position mode: GPS_POSITION_MODE_STANDALONE (non-AGPS) vs loc_eng_set_position mode: GPS_POSITION_MODE_MS_BASED (AGPS) When starting up the GPS? (eg when starting Google Maps) Thanks, Mark.
  13. First of all Trip, thanks very much for a brilliant MIUI port. Apart from AGPS this is working really well for me. And sorry to hear what you're going through at the moment ... it's tough :( As for the AGPS issue, on running Maps I'm seeing this in logcat: D/lib_locapi( 948): [GPS:] loc_eng_set_position mode: GPS_POSITION_MODE_STANDALONE I believe this should be showing GPS_POSITION_MODE_MS_ASSISTED or GPS_POSITION_MODE_MS_BASED for AGPS. (are Trip or any other folks on this forum getting an AGPS result in logcat?) Looking at GpsLocationProvider.java in Android OS source code, we've got: if (Settings.Secure.getInt(mContext.getContentResolver(), Settings.Secure.ASSISTED_GPS_ENABLED, 1) != 0) { if (singleShot && hasCapability(GPS_CAPABILITY_MSA)) { mPositionMode = GPS_POSITION_MODE_MS_ASSISTED; } else if (hasCapability(GPS_CAPABILITY_MSB)) { mPositionMode = GPS_POSITION_MODE_MS_BASED; } } which suggests that to get MSA or MSB we need to correct capability set and we need Settings.Secure.ASSISTED_GPS_ENABLED set correctly. I've verified in the sqlite settings.db that Settings.Secure.ASSISTED_GPS_ENABLED is set correctly, so it seems the capability bit is currently not set correctly. For the standard Qualcomm GPS driver, the capability bits are set in loc_eng_init in loc_eng.cpp, eg: callbacks->set_capabilities_cb(GPS_CAPABILITY_SCHEDULING | GPS_CAPABILITY_MSA | GPS_CAPABILITY_MSB); However as far as I can see it looks like the Sensation driver is structured differently, don't have time to further investigate now. I have also verified with matching Vodafone RIL/Radio and matching Sensation XE RIL/Radio that neither fixes it. Trip - I hope you find this useful in fixing the issue. One option may be to just to remove the capabilities check, as obviously all Sensation handsets have AGPS hardware.
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