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  1. Hi, i got my Exda Exec two weeks ago. Before i bought it i tried to find out it it would work with Tom tom 5 navigator. I finally just bought all teh equipment and tried it myself cause i could not find a reply, so here is now one from me for other users. I bought everything seperately. The XDA Exec, the GPS receiver, A SD memory card and finally the TOMTOM PDA software and maps for western europe. It was really easy to get everything working. Here how it works I put my sd card in the device. Unfortunately teh software from TomTOM 5 is not delivered directly with the update for windows mobile 5, so that the only thing my windows XP on my computer was telling me , that there was a undefinite error and teh programm had to be closed. I thought it was my computer but trying it from anotherone it showed me that this could not be tha problem. The updated for windows mobile5 can be found directly in teh tom tom homepage. By connecting your phone to your computer (by usb!!! important) and than running only teh updateon your computer, it installs tomtom on your pda phone. and thats it it works! as GPS receiver i also decided to buy a gps one from tomtom just to minimalise the risk. when the exec is enabled for bluetooth the programm will find after about 1 minute teh signal and there is nothing else to to.
  2. Hi, whooops, o.k, me again, i thought i could write in german but i realised after posting that i should have had posted in english. - XDA EXEC (from UK 02 dealer) is definately onlocked and workswith all networks. - I had problems with my french SIM card, but after deinstalling the 02 supplementary software via Programme> InstallType>Corporate 0506 in order to make it faster and than to restart the phone, my french sim card was working fine! So try it!
  3. Hi, o.k jetzt auch mal was von mir. Danke für das Forum, die Postings der User sind wirklich sehr hilfreich. O.k also ich habe seit 2 Wochen den XDA EXEC von O2. Das Telefon ist 100% unlocked wenn von 02 direct gekauft, also no Problem. Ich kannaber nur über Uk Netzwerken reden, ich hab ein UK Vertrag. Eigentlichwar ich ja dabei raus zu finden wie ich meine Franzoesische SIM karte in dem Telefon zum laufen bringeaber durch die Postings der Forum mitglieder hab ich gelesen man kann die 02 software entfernen, um die Kiste schneller zu machen. Wie auch immer nebenbei hab ich also dann mal versucht die zusaetzliche 02 software los zu werden, wie ein user vorher beschrieben hatte. Und siehe da, nachdem ich dasgemacht hatte und den XDa neu gestartet hatte, hat er das franzoesische netzwerk gefunden! Was ein Segen. Also Danke für Alles und vielleicht hilft dieser BEitrag auch anderen

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