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  1. Treid it with the HTC headset in the mini USB last night but nothing - no sound from either the headset or the phone speaker. I am connected to Skype and can see my contacts online and offline etc. Any ideas?
  2. I have Skype loaded on my S620 - Log in is fine on my work wifi connection - I see all my contacts etc ,when I go to make a Skypeout call (to my office PBX) it makes the connection but I can here nothing - same for the Echo test call. Do not have the headset with me at work so maybe it wil be fine when I try that later tonight. Anyone else experiencing this?
  3. Will be staying in Stanmore North London - Have 1 trip planned to York for 2 days - other than that in the London area.
  4. Sounds like T Mobile is the way to go Anyone have experience on the Carphone Warehouse Mobile Worlds SIM card - would thisa work for me?
  5. Using the Brodit on my TyTN here in Canada on a BMW 645. Quality is excellent - well worth the money and keeps the HTC safe from flying about inthe car. North America agent is http://www.proclipusa.com/ Check it out.
  6. Hi Guys, I am visiting the UK in September 2006 and want to use my unlocked TyTN whilst I am there. Can you suggest which carrier SIM card I should get which will allow me to take advantage of all the features of my TyTN. (Video calling, 3g etc). Many thanks David in Canada
  7. Hi Guys, I am using a TyTN here in Toronto, Canada. On my Jamin I was able to hack the registry to remove the roam indicator and change the E/G indicator on the today screen. The same hack does not work on the TyTN - anybody managed to do this yet? At the moment we do not have 3G (only Edge) but it is coming this fall. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Now downloadable from the Clubimate site as well as ftp.
  9. Please ignore my request - got it working by using the cab file. Great program - I guess I am getting lazy in my old age!!
  10. I too have it running on a Jamin. One question, how do you get the program to start automatically and display on the today page - searched but to no avail. David (with Jamin) in Toronto
  11. Just Like Paul - ARSENAL UPDATES here in Canada. Xuk Guy but still loving 'The Gunners"!!!
  12. As a Newbie on editing XML files - exactly which part of the file do you have to change to get the apps to point correctly? I have the file in Notepad ready to change Many thanks
  13. Great tip re the "E" symbol. Put in a request to Boxwave - lets see if they get it. David from Toronto
  14. Hi Guys from Toronto, First time poster on Modaco - reason being I have just come over from SE UIQ to WM5 - I have a SP5 and am enjoying the phone a lot. I have a question - I have the right key tweak (113) working perfectly other than if I reboot the phone (soft or hard) the soft key display reverts back to contacts although when I press it it still operates the string (in my case to open task manager). The only way I can get the right soft key to display correctly is to go into the registry and make a change to the default value and then it iwll display correctly until I turn off the phone and we are back to where we started. Anybody have an idea how to get the right key to show correctly all the time? Many thanks David the Xuk Guy
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