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  1. xxcrashxx

    Rooting Wildfire S

    To my understanding, GSM devices use sim cards, and CDMA don't. and theres differences with the roms that each device uses. I just learned that most of the custom roms on xda developers forum are for the gsm version, if you try to flash one of those roms onto the cdma version of the phone, things will not work properly, and can potentially brick your phone.
  2. xxcrashxx


    In order to show the HBOOT screen(volume down and power), it helps to turn off fastboot in the power settings, or even just pulling the battery for like 5 seconds, put battery in, then press power and volume down until something happens. There was a recent development for the Wildfire S (I believe CDMA version only though) where you could get the S-off by creating a GOLDCARD for the phone, and running some install file. info over at xda-developers forum. I can confirm the method working with the Wildfire S Virgin Mobile USA (CDMA). Brand new ones from Radioshack stores come with Gingerbread 2.3.4. But as far as the GSM versions, I don't think there is a way of getting the S-off without the XTC-clip. I can't confirm that, cuz I only have the CDMA version.
  3. xxcrashxx

    Rooting Wildfire S

    Right.... but there are different models of the Wildfire S. are you gsm or cdma? if your gsm(to my understanding) you need to get the XTC-clip to get the phone s-off(step one of rooting). If you have the cdma version, it is possible to get the S-off using software by creating a "GOLDCARD". I can confirm that method working on the Wildfire S on Virgin Mobile USA (CDMA).
  4. xxcrashxx

    Backlight does not work

    so i know this thread is dead... and most ppl arent using their mpx200's anymore. but... i did manage to find a fix for this. in my previous post, where i put the green arrows pointing to the ribbon... its actually that connector. i got bored last night, and started doin some serious thinking into this(to get my mind off other stuff). so i noticed how that when the board seems to flex is when the backlight turns on. i went and used a few pennies to prop up the pcb(removed both lcd's and speaker from it). i then put some pressure on the center of it to make it flex, then while the board was flexed, i took my soldering iron with a pin point(small enough for smd soldering), and just rewetted the solder joints for the 4 pins closest to the left end(according to the pic in my previous post) on the top and bottom of the connector. after doing that, it worked like a charm, no problem at all... so the real problem here is just cold solder joints.. just figured id post this incase anyone else comes across this and wonders if it was ever solved.
  5. xxcrashxx


    i can send ya v1.6 just gimme an email address
  6. xxcrashxx

    SIM Unlock MPX 200 for free :)

    nope, no legal way to upgrade to 2k5 considering there wasnt an offical rom made for the mpx200. if u were to change the imei, then the vodacom sim might work. but i believe thats against the law for you. in the us ive never seen or heard of anyone getting fined for using a phone w/out a valid IMEI. i have heard its illegal over in certian parts of europe. not too sure where tho. i was able to do it to mine, but i dont know how i did it. LOL
  7. xxcrashxx


    another thing, i saw a post on here that someone said to try, i think it was you take out the battery, hold down the left key, plug in the usb cable, then insert the batter all while holding the left key. not too sure if it was the waiting that made it work, or using that method.
  8. xxcrashxx


    i had a similar problem. i just left the phone alone for like 5 months, and used another one, and left the battery out of my mpx200. then one day i was like, ehh... what the hell, so i tried it and it worked.
  9. xxcrashxx

    SIM Unlock MPX 200 for free :)

    then again, in that sense, i used to not be able to detect it on any of my usb ports except one, that one doesnt work now after a reboot, but i used a usb hub/card reader thingie, and when the phone is connected to that, it worked fine.
  10. xxcrashxx

    Dead MPx200

    Same here, i did that a while ago. i left the phone sitting alone w/out a battery for about 4 months, then i tried it.
  11. xxcrashxx


    is there a list somewhere with how much power each card requires? LOL
  12. xxcrashxx


    are there any differences between using an sd card, as opposed to a mmc or rs-mmc in terms of battery life?? cuz ive got two mpx200's. one with the original rom, and the other with a "modified" rom. when i have my sd card in either phone, i get like 3 hours of battery life out of it, but when i use my mmc card, i can use the phone all day long like normal. ive been tryin to read into this a lil more, and i saw that there are low-voltage mmc and rsmmc cards out there(as well as sd). would there be much of a difference if i was to use a low voltage sd card as opposed to a mmc or rsmmc(with adapter, of course)??
  13. xxcrashxx

    Backlight does not work

    i have been doin some thinking, i havent had a chance to try this, but my schedule for the next few days is open, so i might give it a shot. my thought is that its the ribbon cable that isnt making proper contact. so... by putting a small peice of paper, or even card stock(if necessary), inbetween the ribbon and the closing thingie(as in the attached pic), that might fix the problems. im not too sure on this, i only speculate. EDIT: i proved myself wrong, that doesnt fix anything. im stumped on this one now.
  14. xxcrashxx

    Creating a rom?

    *bump* I know it can be done, i did some research on that chinese MPX200_backup program. i found out that the creator of it is named marsgod. he is a poster on www.01outlet.com forums. he speaks chinese, do i attempted to send him a message. i used Google Language Tools to convert from english to simplified chinese. asking him what settings should it be set at. i have also found that inorder to backup the whole rom, it will take upwards of 2 hours. but i dont know what settings it needs to be at. if anyone on here knows, please help me.
  15. xxcrashxx

    Backlight does not work

    good ol' american craftmanship. LOL

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