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  1. I created an empty welcome.not file and then copied into - sd card root - phone root - phone\my documents root - phone\my memory etc. did a soft reset, but the welcome screen wasn't skipped... <_< I think the welcome.not trick is little old. Didn't found lot of info in google
  2. in the SD card ? or in the mobile\windows folder ?
  3. lol I trust them too, but this phrase sounded weird to me "i woudnt be supprised if the winner is someone who doesnt keep asking when the draws done." just that :)
  4. if the winner is someone who does or doesn't keep asking when the draws done, THAT SHOULDN'T MATTER !! If the draw is fair, we should see some video of palringo/paul doing some random.org, then selecting winner, so everyone trusts in selection method, am I wrong? =)
  5. Palringo fellas are taking too much time to decide :'(
  6. Omg I can't wait to know I didn't win, so I do contestslost++; contestswon=0;
  7. Hi pgarabiyski The program found this only HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Shell\Rai\:MSWELCOME:1 I've deleted the 2 keys, welcome and welcome.exe (previously unlocking registry successfuly) Saved Then I pressed reset button, and the align screen starts again !! It seems something modified values again and sets again to old values... or the ceRegeditor doesn't save to phone I don't know what to do. Tried to install SOTI Pocket PC Controller Pro having the welcome screen showing but screwed pressing all the buttons now it won't install from PC... damn EDIT: I could bypass align screen by overwriting phone\windows\welcome.exe with a 0byte welcome.exe file, but now I get an error saying that welcome.exe can't be run, but I get homescreen...
  8. Hi guys My boss bought a samsung Omnia in Mexico last year and brought it here (Argentina) Today, we found a spanish rom and decided to flash it All went great, flashed ok, etc. except that phone is stuck in align screen. I've tried everything, but after I press the 5 points (with pen) it keeps showing again, again, again, again... and so on I've tried also: CeRegistry 2. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/HARDWARE/DEVICEMAP/TOUCH/ 3. Click on CalibrationData 4. Value Data change to > 519,503 177,881 182,129 847,127 849,872 but doesn't work. I've tried hard-reseting it. Erased everything, restarted, didn't work I've tried quitting battery and restarting. Nothing Each time I turn on the phone, this screen shows. Does any1 know some setting that tells the phone not to show this? some registry setting? hex editing something ? I'll be happy if youst this screen doesn't show at start... I don't want to give a brick back to my boss... Thanks PS: I know screen is a sh*t and is a hardware problem, but as he bought it in Mexico, no way to return it
  9. I'm looking this also Plus, T9 language pack, like he did on vox
  10. Hi people I'm looking for some setting or registry hack so I can enable back the sound for the message delivery notification I'm on Windows Mobile 6.1, and would like to recover this setting because this is useful to me to know quickly if message arrived to its destiny or not Thanks a lot in advance
  11. Hi guys I've tried backing up SMSs, using a popular tool, PimBackup It backed up the SMSs correctly (I guess) because the file was created, etc. But now, I'm facing a problem. When I try to access "Sent" folder, it doesn't show the correct messages sent, it keeps showing inbox messages As far I saw, I have around 5100 messages. I guess this may be a problem Does any1 know something that works, and maybe could fix this problem? (I've tried rebooting phone several times, etc.) Thanks a lot in advance,
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