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  1. brunob

    Paul (P)Reviews the HTC S710 'Vox'

    Thanks, the question of the keyboard was not on a logical way but on a HW level. I want to exchange the two keys on the keyboard. In the meantime I have read that you have already gave back your unit, so maybe you can remember how the keys are mad (to you THINK that they are removable). By the way: it is not necessary to change the logical keyboard, because changing the language I think that it will also changing the logical keyboard layout (with S620 it works so).
  2. brunob

    Paul (P)Reviews the HTC S710 'Vox'

    Hello Paul, thank you very much for the good review, very professional and complete. Two questions to you directly, because it seems that you are the only person that has this product already in your hands: - it is possible to change the language of the o.s. (it should be, almost it was possible in smartphones with WM 5.0) - it is possible to change the two letters Z and Y on the keyboard (not the logical way, but on a HW level). This because it seems that is impossible to get the German version of this device (and in Germany we have a QWERTZ keyboard layout instead of the normal QWERTY). I hope you still have the device and that you want to test for me (but I understand if you do not want to risk) Thank you very much in advance. Bruno

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