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  1. dineshh


    No hac just install the cab attached 2 posts above and reset. In settings you'll find SRS setting. use as per pictures attached and I feel u'll be satisfied Bye
  2. dineshh


    :) Use SRS WOW HD Cab attached. Select internal stereo and settings as per pictures attached. it works wonders on my X1i operating on itje cooked ROM SRS_WOW_HD_121.CAB
  3. dineshh

    Xda Exec - Quicktime / Real player

    Hi New verion Realplayer 1.1 for ppc is now also available get it from freewareppc.com
  4. dineshh

    Xda Exec - Quicktime / Real player

    Yes I've used it on HTC Wizard (Imate KJam) & HTC Universal (O2 Xda Exec/ Imate Jasjar). A ppc for windows mobile version is available on real player web site. Anyway cab is attached. You shouls install on SD Card & even after soft/ Hard resets or Rom upgrades you can still use it no need to install again. RealOnePlayer_for_PPC_v2.0.0.28.cab
  5. Store Homescreens Storage card\My Documents and they work like breeze. It works on my KROME SPY (HTC Magician)
  6. Hi can any body provide me details as to how to change default dialout number in contatcs lists. I've Xphone II, in contatcs default dialout no. is Works no. manually it can be changed to any other, but I've over 800 contact files. So there must be registry hack/ modification by which the Sp takes default dialout no. as Mobile no.
  7. Hi pmrecorder gets installed on O2 Xphone II, but when launched it says invalid application. If u know pls advice
  8. dineshh

    Custom Ringtones Problem OS2002

    Download freeware RJV tonesetter and convert your file to wma file. it will save u memory also & u can place the same on SD card. Select any tone for anything, alarm, sms, ring. for individual contact phone place the wma file in sounds under application files forlder on storage (not card) and individually select for all contact files.
  9. Can you add channels display on home screen also, as it displays cell info about location

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