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    What we're dealing with here is a total lack of respect for the law...
  1. Guys. I think the server dishing out these ROMs is out of space. As you may know, Paul is stuck abroad due to the volcanic ash cloud so it may take a short while to fix. EDIT - All fixed ;)
  2. Actually guys this MS store was online way before the Apple one.
  3. I seem to be getting the site OK, but I guess it might depend on the data package or access point? I've never opted out of a content filter, but I've never opted in ether. T-Mobiles' content filter allows modaco though
  4. Nice one Paul. This has been getting on my t*ts for some time. :)
  5. Paul, you need to trim 4 minutes off the end - it restarts about 2 minutes from the end too.
  6. Hmmm.. I don't think the boss would appreciate it if DeviceScape got hacked into and our company WEP / WPA keys were used to get into the network. Sure, it sounds a bit daft to suggest that, but I doubt any manager would appreciate it if you said, "I'm just adding our network details onto this website..." :)
  7. I'm just counting the days until we have a "Video review of Pauls slippers" .... ;)
  8. How to get bad press in one easy step. ;) Sorry Orange, but CoolSmartPhone is the same. Three days? We could just about post a news item in that time. We've struggled to get such simple things as images (real ones, not graphics). I'll say no more on this matter - we're completely puzzled at the sudden changes. Please Orange, just do a Google search for "Orange SPV"...
  9. http://www.coolsmartphone.com/news2463.html
  10. I think Will was watching Mastermind or University Challenge when he wrote those out. Who won the quiz by the way?
  11. Yeah, got it mate - fantastic :) The tickets were 136-140.
  12. James check this page out (http://pdj.ru/) for good remixes. I can't understand a word it says but there's some cracking Promo tracks on there.
  13. Wait a minute - what was the first ticket numbers ? I had to leave early so I guess I could've been the first winner! :)
  14. Actually....it works quite well...
  15. I had this same note from Orange, however it's not even in the "Coming Soon" section on the Orange.co.uk shop, so I'm gonna hold off until I see hard evidence that it's available.
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