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    What we're dealing with here is a total lack of respect for the law...
  1. Guys. I think the server dishing out these ROMs is out of space. As you may know, Paul is stuck abroad due to the volcanic ash cloud so it may take a short while to fix. EDIT - All fixed ;)
  2. Gears

    Windows Mobile App Store

    Actually guys this MS store was online way before the Apple one.
  3. I seem to be getting the site OK, but I guess it might depend on the data package or access point? I've never opted out of a content filter, but I've never opted in ether. T-Mobiles' content filter allows modaco though
  4. Gears

    HTC Touch Dual 'c to a' Fix!

    Nice one Paul. This has been getting on my t*ts for some time. :)
  5. Gears

    Podcast 1: The Pilot

    Paul, you need to trim 4 minutes off the end - it restarts about 2 minutes from the end too.
  6. Hmmm.. I don't think the boss would appreciate it if DeviceScape got hacked into and our company WEP / WPA keys were used to get into the network. Sure, it sounds a bit daft to suggest that, but I doubt any manager would appreciate it if you said, "I'm just adding our network details onto this website..." :)
  7. Gears

    T-Mobile Ameo Unboxing

    I'm just counting the days until we have a "Video review of Pauls slippers" .... ;)
  8. Gears

    Orange M700 review delay

    How to get bad press in one easy step. ;) Sorry Orange, but CoolSmartPhone is the same. Three days? We could just about post a news item in that time. We've struggled to get such simple things as images (real ones, not graphics). I'll say no more on this matter - we're completely puzzled at the sudden changes. Please Orange, just do a Google search for "Orange SPV"...
  9. Gears

    Sky+ mobile on VarioII

  10. Gears

    The official MoDaCo Summer Event 2006 thread!

    I think Will was watching Mastermind or University Challenge when he wrote those out. Who won the quiz by the way?
  11. Gears

    The official MoDaCo Summer Event 2006 thread!

    Yeah, got it mate - fantastic :) The tickets were 136-140.
  12. Gears

    The official MoDaCo Summer Event 2006 thread!

    James check this page out (http://pdj.ru/) for good remixes. I can't understand a word it says but there's some cracking Promo tracks on there.
  13. Gears

    The official MoDaCo Summer Event 2006 thread!

    Wait a minute - what was the first ticket numbers ? I had to leave early so I guess I could've been the first winner! :)
  14. Gears

    "New Orange Email Service"

    Actually....it works quite well...
  15. I had this same note from Orange, however it's not even in the "Coming Soon" section on the Orange.co.uk shop, so I'm gonna hold off until I see hard evidence that it's available.

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