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  1. So what what an occasional charging issue before the update now appears to be permanent and always requires a reboot to charge. Another point to note is that it only reaches 99% charged which wasn't an issue before the update. Also have experienced the clock being out of sync again but this is the first time since update. I have not done a factory reset since the update. One odd thing that happened last night is when trying to power it down last night to charge then whenever connecting the charger then it kept turning itself on. I don't believe it did that before the update but not sure.
  2. Still got the charging problem. Charger been connected for 22 hrs and it was stuck at 18%. Disconnected the charger and it said to reconnect at which point it is now stuck at 17%. Using a reliable 2a blackberry charger. This is not good.
  3. I've highlighted the bit i'm reading above, if you know what I mean ;-) ... or maybe its wishful thinking.
  4. I might bid on the original one but not sure if i'll go much higher than what it currently is. They seem to go around the £20 mark. Unless anyone else wants to bid. Where is everyone located, I'm in Fareham
  5. Someone has bid on that broken hudl 2, is that anyone here?
  6. There's one with a broken screen on ebay with a starting bid of £19.99 at the moment. Do you have the skills/equipment to remove and read the bootloader chip?
  7. I just experienced this for the first time and I've had mine since launch. I have noticed for the past couple of days returning to the home screen has been very slow with the icons taking a while to appear. Then today back to default so will try a diff launcher.
  8. Mine hasn't had the charging or clock issue since before Christmas. Neither did the two that I gave as Christmas presents.
  9. I've been using a couple of very reliable blackberry chargers and still get issues. Tesco appear to have acknowledged the issue and we'll wait to see if that fixes it.
  10. Thanks for the update. The above is a standard risk adverse policy, better the devil you know.
  11. I think I was automatically alerted to the update released shortly after launch. Maybe its miss reporting when it checked and its more like when it was updated last?
  12. Bought mine the day it came out and I've had to reboot ~3 times for it to charge and only had the clock issue once .... which I'm sure appeared as I read it on here. Battery life isn't brilliant but I also use it primarily indoors and charge it at night. I'm also really impressed with it from a performance and price perspective compared to my previous tablets and if they fix the cloud and charging issues then it will only be better. I've bought 2 as Christmas presents I liked them that much.
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