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  1. Ah right, I saw this in the CM7.0.2 thread and thought it did. So I have Japanese Jellyfish on there at the moment and if I go to CM7.0.2 it sits in a green man reboot loop. How should I progress? Should I do the Gen1-to-Gen2-TPT-v9-custom or change to Sweedish Spring which is compatible with GEN1 and GEN2 first. Then switch to CM7. I've gone back to Clockwork V3.0.2.4. I'm feeling a little out of my depth now. Target is to get to a phone with CM7 Android 2.3. Thanks
  2. So I have fixed this. Cos all the megaupload and rapidshare links are dead, I got QR Reader from the market on the phone; Went here and got Androot 1.6.1 via the QR code and installed it; rooting the phone, and went here and got Recovery manager 0.37b and used it to installed clockwork 4 in line with the instructions here. A lot of faffing but got there in the end. Now to install 7.0.2 stable from here which should update me to GEN2.
  3. Hi there I've Clockwork'd and ROM'd three OLED ZTE blades in the past. Now been handed a boxfresh new ZTE blade GEN1 to place 2.3 on and I can't get it to go into recovery mode to do the fastboot thing for clockwork. When I hold the up arrow at power on, it always boots into the Orange ROM. Any ideas what has changed in the year or so that has passed? Thanks
  4. It's full of Orange crapware and only has access to the market over 2G/3G. Thanks rep'd :)
  5. Thanks, I don't mind a bit of fiddling or the odd *893*0#. All the other builds seem to be rendered useless after an incoming call. Will chuck the Atomic author a paypal donation if this actually works.
  6. Hi Are there any ROMs that don't have the proximity sensor bug? You know, the one that renders the phone screen completely black after a call, requiring a battery off reset? Seems like a pretty big flaw for a phone! Thanks.
  7. Hi there I'm looking for the calibrate Proximity Sensor application in this ROM V3.0. Can anyone direct me to it please? I cannot find it.
  8. Hi Guys, I'm looking for a daily driver ROM for my wife. We have CM7 but it has the proximity sensor issue that I can't resolve (ZTE dialer from the Atomic thread crashes some part of the ROM). Is this a good Daily ROM with a fixed proximity sensor? Thanks :)
  9. Sorry for not reading all 458 pages (!) but I have a question. I am a user of the ZTE blade GEN1 with Japanese Jellyfish RLS9. It's been behaving weirdly since I changed the SD card for a bigger one, TTS is buggy, WiFi is still a bit unreliable. If I wanted to put a more modern ROM on, is CM7 the right way to go and which one should I take, a stable 7.1.0RC1 or nightly release? Most important to me is battery life with all radios switched on, occasional web and news reading, and iGo navigation. Thanks chaps for all the hard work in software land, and for any help you can give :)
  10. I have found DUN works with PDANet. Any chance of default support for DUN in a ROM please? :D
  11. Hi Bumping up an old thread! Has anyone got Bluetooth DUN working on a ZTE blade? I need it for my stand alone Sat Nav to get traffic data. WiFi is not supported in the Sat Nav. I am running 2.2 Japnese Jellyfish RLS9 and DUN is not a profile reported as supported in the handset under a profile discovery from a laptop. Thanks :D
  12. There are two wipe options in Clockwork menu, which you get to by holding down the down arrow at boot.
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