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  1. I recently purchased a Cingular 2125 (re-packaged HTC Faraday, I believe). How can I capture screen images? I tried Pocket SnapIt 1.0, but that did not work (the app starts, but you can't even set the options). Are there any other freeware options for WM5 QVGA Smartphone devices? Commercial options? Thanks.
  2. I have Agile Messenger configured on my MPx220 (Windows SP 2003 SE) and can connect to AIM. At one point, I did have issues with it, and discovered I had my GPRS settings and proxy settings incorrectly setup on my phone. In fact, the phone only worked when connected via USB connecting to Web sites, and I didn't even realize it was using "pass-through" mode. My issue was I had flashed to the Asia ROM but had forgotten to revisit the GPRS, SMS, and MMS connection settings. Some of the documents about Asia ROM don't include this information, whereas others do.
  3. As far as Cingular goes, I know they sell two Windows Smartphones - Audiovox SMT 5600 and Motorola MPx220. Both of these are Windows Smartphone 2003 SE. Windows Mobile 5 devices are definitely scarce in the US, but then again, most applications still only exist or are vetted for SP2003. The Motorola MPx220 seems to have a mixed set of reviews, which can be accounted for by the fact Cingular only updated the ROM in this brand within the last 5 months (so pay attention to the date of the review) and the original run of this brand included a slower processor. Even the new Cingular ROM is a little deficient in my opinion, but the Asia ROM works well (it just needs a little configuration to enable all the features such as SMS, MMS and GPRS to work with Cingular). I bought this phone directly through the Cingular web site, and have been quite happy with it, and Cingular does not application-lock their phones (I just switched from Verizon because I wasn't happy with their selection, limitations, or rate structure). The problem is you have to decide what is important to you... - PIM functions - Size - Talk-time - Speakerphone - Text entry mode - keyboard vs. T9/iTAP - Camera / Video - Voice dialing/recognition etc. For me, my priorities were: - First and foremost a phone... - Small size - Long talk-time - Speakerphone & Bluetooth - PIM viewing (Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Memos) - Browsing for arbitrary sites (with Favorites capability) I also had the added complexity of needing to sync with Lotus Notes for my Calendar but with Outlook for my Contacts. Basically, I think the speaker is not as good as I would like, but then again, it is good enough until I turn on and switch to my BT headset. (I flashed the ROM with the Asia ROM which was better than the latest Cingular ROM, and had to customize it a little to work with Cingular's GPRS, SMS, and MMS settings.) I hope this helps.
  4. I just received a response from CommonTime... it is a known bug. They say they are developing a fix for a new release since their product also has issues with WM5 devices because it is currently not using the POOM API. They believe when it uses the POOM API, this will be resolved. They did not indicate any timeframe in which this release with the re-written code will be released, though. Of course, if anyone knows of any way to workaround the issue, I'd appreciate the information.
  5. I tend not to use "r" in my sound Script except for ringtones because if I am not around, the phone will quickly run down. I use the following as a "Reminder" sound script: av1c120pw2pw2p This means: vibrate for 1 second, set the volume to 120% & play, wait 2 sec, play, wait 2 sec, play. Thus it vibrates once and plays 3 times louder than regular, and if I still haven't answered after the 3, I figure I am not around... I also noticed one other registry value that might apply (it is in one of the Sounds): BeepMode (DWord). I have been curious to experiment at some point to see if some of the values that are defined in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\SoundCategories\* are accepted in the Sounds profile. After all, this is where Script is usually defined. Thus, there may be additional values available to use in the Sounds registry keys, such as: InitVol, AttenuationCategory, Speaker, Suppress Just some food for thought... and I'd be curious if anyone has actually tried this...
  6. I notice that periodically, while I am using my MPx220, it pops up with a battery logo and forces me to click OK before I can continue. I think it is a battery full logo. How can I disable this? I am not sure, but I think I have only seen it while the USB cable is plugged in, which I do frequently to keep the phone sync'd and to make it easier to edit entries (I have only had the phone for a couple weeks and am still customizing it). Thanks for any assistance you can provide.
  7. My calendar information is stored in Lotus Notes and I use CommonTime mNotes to sync the data with my Motorola MPx220. However, I find the reminders are not using the "reminder" sound that I have configured on the phone. In fact, it gives a very weak "ding", and nothing else. How does one configure mNotes so that calendar events sync'd from Lotus Notes can use a different sound? I know the reminder sound profile is working, because any calendar events I create on the phone play correctly... (I have the reminders using a sound script: av1pw2pw2p with a louder volume setting and a midi audio file.) Lotus Notes 7 CommonTime mNotes 4.1.1 Motorola MPx220 with Asia ROM 3.51 Thanks.
  8. I notice the Asia ROM 3.51 for MPx220 includes several currency characters available for entry when I press the "1" key. I also noticed this differs from the text entry available with the default Cingular ROM. This would imply it is POSSIBLE to edit the text entry selection for the keypad, or at least the punctuation characters associated with the "1" key. One punctuation character that I notice is missing is "=", and I am not able to enter various URLs as a result of this missing character? How do you change the punctuation character list associated with the "1" key? Phone: Motorola MPx220 ROM: Asia ROM 3.51
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