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  1. Hi, Now this is an interesting one tested on two Vario II's. If you add a garbage IMAP email account with random addresses/username and password, using EmailWiz, and once successfully added, immediately soft reset the device (sometimes necessary as we all know), the e-mail account dissapears from the 'Messaging' window. I think the device still allocates space for it (I deleted my g-mail just to test a mates theory) and even though I can't access this garbage IMAP email account I can't put my g-mail account back on as the device complains saying 'There is insufficient space to create an account', using EmailWiz. Adding a new account through the Messaging windows is to no aviail either, I tap on Tools... New Account and the device just seems to sit there doing nothing. The above seems to trigger this weird behaviour, but my mate has tried this with a valid IMAP email account and it seems to do exactly the same thing. Just to be complete, heres my ROM n Radio version: ROM - (06/19/06) Radio - Protocol - 32.36.7010.04H Anyone tested this or can validate it? Also, does anyone know where all e-mail accounts are actually stored on the device - need to recover that one e-mail space for gmail! Cheers, Paul
  2. I've also just got a Vario II which after a few initial SIM registration struggles seems to be working like a treat - just checked my t-mobile about HSDPA and though it doesn't say it explicitly it does say 'Web & Wap 384k Up/2048 Down On None' which I guess is the same thing? This is also on a flext web n walk standard tariff. Did a few speed tests and maximum I've seen is about 800kbit or so around the birmingham area so I guess I'm getting more than standard 3G speeds :) Cheers, Paul
  3. Hi all, I've just recently picked up a Vario II which I'm really impressed with, got it set up with a few useful tools like pocketAlarm and pocketBreeze which makes managing the phone's features nice and easy. One issue I'm having is that I've set up a few e-mail accounts on the phone to check for new e-mails at the maximum interval of 60minutes. My phone's just done this for the first time, but doesn't seem to disconnect from GPRS once it's finished (the small GPRS with signal bars is still there rather than the big G symbol). Is there an alternative piece of software that I can use to achieve: - a longer interval between checking my emails (don't want to eat up bandwidth unnecessarily) - once it finishes, disconnects from GPRS (don't want to eat up battery unnecessarily!) Any ideas would be gr8! :) Cheers, Paul
  4. Hi all, It turns out that the 8310 ROM from myqtek.com seems to work flawlessly with mine which I bought from phones2udirect, for any other phones2udirect customers. Just updating it now - the 8310 ROM on Expansys didn't seem to work so thought I'd give this one a go: was about to alter the CID in desperation! Cheers, Paul ;)
  5. Hi all, Not sure how much this helps but may be worth keeping eyes peeled on this site - http://www.qtekuk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=47 Looks like they may be putting the ROM download on there soon - at least I hope so... we've been waiting more than long enough! Cheers, Paul
  6. Hi all, Got my 8310 recently, well impressed with some of the tweaks on this page! ;) Now something thats been bugging me for a while - and tell me if im being dumb - but is there any way of setting the 'Beam' directory to the Storage Card via WM5, or do we have to tweak the registry? Not been able to find any option on WM5 as of yet! Cheers, and Merry Xmas! Paul 8)
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