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  1. yep....i can definately report that this DOES NOT work on my hybrid WM 6.1/6.5 TyTN II (running AtheneOS from XDA-Devs) I installed the redfly driver which is apparently needed and after that every soft reset became stuck after the htc animation :excl: such a shame really, i really really wanted to try this out
  2. that's pretty much what i want :) unfortunately there isn't really much more that you can put in a phone right now, so new phones are just the same feature sets with different software or bug fixes - its the same everywhere microsoft money would be nice to see on win mo i think, but its not critical - i cant see myself switching away form win mo anytime soon
  3. the htc shift isn't really a netbook, it's a UMPC, hence its larger price, touchscreen and better specs than any netbook it'd be good for htc to produce a netbook, but to be honest i can't really see it happening as an afterthought, i'd really quite like to see the kaiser form factor back in smartphones/pocket pcs - that really is the "dogs nuts" idea, and i think i'd miss it in my next upgrade
  4. i know that sony ericsson and samsung are both planning to release android devices this year, but unfortunately i wouldn't be able to tell you any more details there's also two android devices mentioned in the earlier leak of htc's supposed 2009 line up, one of which looks a little like a touch hd but it's difficult to see the size in the pictures
  5. I have to say I'm liking the look of the Tungsten I hope it'll be running windows mobile (preferrably v7 too) .... my upgrade isn't due until july so seen as t-mobile are still yet to release the damn vario 4 i might just wait to see if they announce that before upgrading my kaiser time to find a new housing to replace the battered one on my kaiser then - i'm sure t-mobile won't give me a very good upgrade deal :)
  6. Thing that keep me on winmo: - by far the most complete os - much more free (and much better walue if not) software than symbian - an interface that personally i quite like - pretty much seamless sync between windows and my e-mail server - dont have to use crap apple desktop software (read itunes) - fully compatible with all music download services e.g. napster - the best selection of devices means that somewhere there's a device for everybody's need - massive user base, and lots of huge communities like modaco - almost infinite upgradeability (there are still htc blue angels around y'know) - don't have to pay (cr)apple anything things distracting me away: - slick interface of iphone - much higher operator support of symbian devices (nokia phones are usually available on any network, win mo devices are rarely on more than 2 networks) - centralised app store - the sheer cost of win mo devices - decent ones are ridiculously expensive and barely ever reduce in price with age
  7. hmm....well it should be that simple ;P if it helps, you could try and find a file manager that'll let you delete things from the windows folder, and delete the in_0, out_0, in_1, etc....sounds from the \Windows folder....i think these are those stupid sounds
  8. that's not a request i often see try something like this: http://www.misco.co.uk/applications/Search...0&CatId=688 you could just stick the lock hoop things that would otherwise be on the monitor/computer etc. onto the backs of of the remotes then lock them around one of the legs of the table or something...? that might not be the cheapest option, and depending on the remotes the adapter things might be a bit big from looking at the pictures on the misco site...i have seem smaller adapters that could be quite easily stuck onto remotes though...
  9. its extremely highly unlikely you'll get a phone on contract and pay off the contact for less than it would cost to just buy the phone (the network have to make some money somewhere) if all you want is the phone and not the contract, you really are better off just buying the phone sim free and outright - theres no branding then either
  10. judging by oranges current and past behaviour its a miracle you managed to get 3gb out of them, and extremely unlikely you'll get any more if you find you're exceeding the limit a considerably amount, it might be worth you considering one of the 3 pay as you go packages - for example the starter packages cost about 50 quid and give you 3gb to use over 3 months, and give you a 3 dongle as well (i'm not sure how well the drivers would get along though)...three aren't the fastest network or the most reliable, but if you can get a 3g signal with them where you are it might be a useful backup connection just incase orange isn't enough
  11. How brilliant it is living in Birmingham.... ...Popped into my local t-mobile store today to ask about the G1 and the guy there said he'd just got a sample one in yesterday which he was getting used to today and so offered it up to me to have a look like me, he was initially quite critical of the design especially, which in pictures looks especially tacky, but, when you actually use one, the design is absolutely wonderful - build quality is quite simply excellent - you get the feeling that a drop from the empire state building would be something it would take in its stride, shrug off, and move on the software is also great - its unimaginably fast....click, drag, type, request absolutely anything at any speed you like and instantly its been done - the screen rotation is nigh-on instantaneous (way, way faster than any windows mobile or symbian device, and even faster than any iphone) they're expecting it to be free on the £40 a month tariff, but won't get actualy pricing till its release on the 30th october (that's thursday, for some reason) i can't really answer any complex questions cause i only had about 5 minutes with the phone, but i'll do my best if you have any
  12. I have to say, even though i'm not a business or corporate user, I've pretty much found my experience with windows mobile to be the same as networkguy my first smartphone was a nokia 6600 - which was, to put it bluntly, rubbish. it did hardly anything, and when you tried to find some piece of software to do said something for you, it almost always cost a fortune and made the phone hang from that i moved to an spv e200 which i bought second-hand off ebay for £40 - this was fantastic. even though there was a gaping hole in the side (from the last owner breaking it) it worked perfectly, and never, ever, hung up. software was easy as pie to find and you could usually find some freeware to do what you wanted, and the phone just worked... i then dabbled back into symbian with a 6680, which although being considerably better than the 6600 before it, still suffered from the extortionate software costs and memory issues that I'd experienced before once i started more than a few programs. i also had a big problem when for some reason the thing just wouldn't turn on - it went to a white screen and then did nothing, which ended in me having to take it to my local friendly independent phone shop, who kindly fixed it for me at a cost of fifteen quid after that, i was tempted by the sony ericsson m600i - despite the problems others were having, this was a fantastic phone. it had a huge array of features - but the problems others were having with uiq 3 meant that next to no software existed for it, and the software that did was even more extorionately priced than the s60 variants. i also had a nice surprise with this phone, when a software update (done over the sony ericsson software updater) managed to magically make the touch panel completely unresponsive to touch...resulting in waiting 6 months for sony ericsson to decided i was to have a warranty replacement instead that rubbish experience meant i decided to bite the bullet and go for my first contract (and brand new) phone - a HTC TyTN II on T-Mobile Flext 25 W'n'W. This has, so far, worked pretty much perfectly. I've upgraded the firmware to windows mobile 6.1 thanks to TLR's rom cooking, and theres an unbelievably huge array of software and freeware that'll do almost anything you want it to, and more. sites like modaco and coolsmartphone also massively help the windows mobile experience by providing a vast resource of hundreds of peoples knowledge - whereas with symbian i ad great trouble finding a useful community site and then people who had the same problems as me ...
  13. i'm going to pop into my local vodafone store and see if they'll let me hav ea g on one later, so i'll report back on the branding status for you edit: well i just got back from the store the branding is so light it might as well not be there, theres a vodafone logo on the back cover and a few vodafone programs (vodafone live, a mapping program) I didn't see messenger, windows live or any youtube app if there was supposed to be one it is very slow though...took about 5 second to change from porttrait to landscape on the panels - you also can't get the standard today screen from what i could tell vodafone will give it to you for free on a £50/18 month contract on a £35/18 month contract they want £150 for the phone on a £35/12 month contract they want £250 for the phone, as with on a £30/18 or £25/18 month contract it's £500 to buy on pay as you go
  14. i'm going to pop into the vodafone shop thati know has one later today to see what the branding is like...i don't know but my first impressions of the build quality was somehow odd...probably just me though
  15. i think i can understand why you're not interested - the g1 sort of felt really very underwhelming when we finally got all of the details I saw a poster in my local t-mobile shop today annoucing that there's just 6 days till launch....and then thought "actually, i couldn't care less" i think its a classic case of hype ruining a (quite good) product's launch
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