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    So glad I left!

    Bit surprised that you didn't get a decent offer from retentions... I was offered the 550 mins and unlimited text package, but on refusing and suggesting that there were better offers out there I was finally given 2550 mins, unlimited text and 4 mb of data for the same cost. Asked for the same offer for my partner a couple of weeks later and got the same (minus the data but she doesn't use it anyway) Add in the magic numbers and I haven't had a chargeable call or text since! However, if they close another UK customer service centre I will end my long association with Orange...
  2. My local BTS is offering Edge, our lad is aware of this because his Samsung displays an 'E' instead of the usual 'G'. My SPV M3100 is still showing '3G', so how will I know that Edge is available?
  3. Hi - From Settings, click the tab for System, click on Clock & Alarm - I assume you have been here to set the alarm times - if you click on the 'bell' symbol you will be given a choice of alarm sounds and the option to flash the light and vibrate. Cheers...
  4. Hi All - I upgraded from my SPV 500 to the M3100, taken a little getting used to but worth it! Just one (major) problem, I use it with the Parrot CK3100 handsfree car kit and it randomly shows 'disconnected' on the screen. Checking the 'Comms Manager' on the M3100 it has switched bluetooth off. I tried adding the JETware handsfree configuration tool as recommended elsewhere in the forums but still have the random bluetooth shutdown. I have also updated the Parrot firmware to the latest version without change. Any ideas anyone?!
  5. Good review Paul - thanks, I will upgrade as soon as I have completed my 12 months with the e200. My pet hate with the SPV/e100/e200 is the inabilitiy to set 'delivery notification' defaulted for all messages. Any change with the C500?
  6. If you look at the description on the charger, that will give you a clue about the whistle... it is a switched mode psu and is quite probably oscillating at about 1.5kHz. The rising whistle when removed from the plug will be the resevoir capacitor discharging. Voltage drops, frequency rises... Any form of shock is a fault, send it back NOW!!!! Cheers, Dave A
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