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  1. please subscribe my youtube channel and shout if you would like to feature your talent...
  2. i havent been on this forum for ages.. but after a few phones i missed having a windows mobile. I need a good phone for my money, i need a phone or pocket pc with the following... WIFI Camera with flash any suggestions?
  3. ...on my music material www.youtube.com/datseriousjrdotd comment on my videos and subscribe please www.myspace.com/jrdotd thanks p.s. im backkkkk!!
  4. Wow!! its been such a long time since ive signed onto here... ive like forget everything about smartphones ;) i used to have a i-mate sp5/qtek 8310 but lost it sometime last year i was wondering can this fone be used on the 3G/Three UK Network?
  5. I really like that g500, were could I buy one? Even second hand would be good?
  6. how much GBP is this phone brand new? i won one on ebay for 105gbp but the seller would not respond :@ and hes unregistered and dosnt pick up the phone or answer emails!! erggg...
  7. I may be upgrading from a qtek 8310 to a o2 graphite... if i do go ahead with this? what will be better on the o2 graphite then the qtek 8310?
  8. Ive just got offered a brand new fully boxed o2 graphite for £105, is this worth it?
  9. what is currently the best smartphone around?
  10. by any chance, is it because am not screwing the keypad on?
  11. I have brought a keypad from ebay.. brand new.. ive plugged it into my sp5 but the * and # keys are not working!? what am i doing wrong?? am i missin out something?? helpppp pleaseee!!!
  13. loll i dint even realise i wrote this post, yep ive brought one, jus waiting on it from HONG KONG!! long time to wait.. :)
  14. Can some one tell me where to get a qtek 8310 / imate sp5 cover/housing from? or is anyone selling one? I really need one, mines has snaped! :) :P
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