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  1. Also, you can just move whatever sound you want to the Windows folder on your device and you'll be able to select it as an alert for you new voicemails, text messages, mms, etc. I actually just recorded some funny clips using the voice recorder (press and hold the voice tag button and the recorder opens up after a few seconds), and renamed them as "Voice", "Text", and "Missed". You'll find them saved in the 'My Documents' folder, so just select, cut, and paste them in the Windows folder. (Also, if you're new to all this, you might need to know that sometimes you can't select "paste" as an option when you press and hold the stylus, and you'll have to go to Menu-->Edit-->Paste.) After that, you'll find that they're available as notifications under the sounds in the settings. It's really cool. When I get a new voicemail it says, "Hey....ummm...between you and me, I think you've got a new voicemail". People think it's the most hilarious thing in the world! -Patrick ;)
  2. Oh my God you have to get Baseball Addict by Hexacto from Handmark.com. I haven't been able to put this game down! I didn't go to bed until 5 AM this morning and that's 3 mornings in a row! I even stopped playing Street Duel: Underground Racing (from clickgamer.com) which is another great game I recommend. -Patrick :(
  3. Thanks MitchellO. I changed the thread to reflect this info update. -Patrick ;)
  4. Hey guys. I've had my Cingular 2125 for about 3 weeks now, and it took me a week of searching through this website to get all the info I needed. I figured I'd create this new thread with all the information I found packed into one complete page. Thanks to everyone on this site who posted all this info. Enjoy! ;) First off, if you're a newbie like me, you'll need to know that the Cingular 2125 is also known as the Orange SPV C600, and they're both manufactured by HTC as the HTC Faraday. The HTC Tornado (iMate SP5) is a similar Windows Mobile 5.0 smartphone, and most of the tweaks/programs for it will work on the 2125 as well. TIP: Key locking your phone :idea: I'm sure you've had a hard time pressing the power button for the quick option to lock your keys. All you have to do is press and hold the End Call key "red phone button" and it'll lock the keys. Then just unlock like normal. If you haven't bought a miniSD card, I suggest you do so. You can't install any games or applications on your phone because of space limitations, leave alone music and videos. I bought a Topram 1 Gig miniSD on eBay for $80. I'm sure most brands/sizes will work, but I know that Topram works and I haven't had any problems with it. All programs listed are attached at the bottom of this post. When installing programs, I created a "Downloads" folder on my storage card to store the zip/CAB files. Use the "Explore" button on the Activesync window and double-click on the "My Windows Mobile-Based Device" icon. Then double-click on Storage Card, and the then right-click and create a new folder. Also, when installing games and other programs from your pc (like TCPMP, ClearVue, etc), you'll be asked where to install the program. Scroll right on the box that says "Device" so that it says "\Storage Card". OK, here we go: 1:Application unlocking your phone: Your 2125 is application locked, meaning you can't install certain programs/games/tweaks. To unlock it, as well as for future tweaks, you'll need a Registry Editor to accomplish the task. Use Regedit STG (attached below) because it's the trusted version of regedit from HTC. 1. Using Activesync Explorer, copy Regedit STG.zip to Downloads (or the folder of your choice) on the storage card. Then, using File Mangaer on your phone, browse to that folder and Unpack/Extract the contents of Regedit STG.zip. Create a new folder in the phone memory (not storage card) or just use "\My Documents" and move the Regedit.exe file to this folder. It does not seem to work when it's used straight from the miniSD card. 2. Start Regedit.exe and change the following registry keys: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Security\Policies\Policies (then press "values")\ 00001001 = 2 -->Change the value data from 2 to 1 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Security\Policies\Policies\00001005 = 16 --> Change the value data from 16 to 40 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Security\Policies\Policies\00001017 = 128 --> Change the value data from 128 to 144 That's it! If you had problems installing games/programs/tweaks that required you to application unlock your phone, you should be good now. 2: Installing ClearVue on your memory card to save space: This is a great office suite that comes on the 2125 CD for viewing PowerPoint presentations, Excel worksheets, Word documents, and PDF files. If you have the suite installed, uninstall it first. Reboot the phone and then reinstall it again, but choose to install it to the storage card. After it's installed, use the file explorer in Activesync (on your pc) to browse to your storage card. Step 1. You will see a new /windows folder where ClearVue was installed. Rename this folder to /ClearVue Suite (or whatever floats your boat for that matter). If you haven't installed any other programs to your storage card then create the "program files" folder on your card first. Then MOVE this, the /ClearVue Suite folder into the /Program Files folder. Step 2. Next browse to /program files/ClearVue Suite (it's faster to do this with Activesync explorer on your pc) Create shortcuts to the following files. WTCVDocV.exe (doc viewer) WTCVPDFV.exe (pdf viewer) WTCVPresV.exe (ppt viewer) WTCVWSV.exe (xls viewer) Now copy or cut those shortcuts and put them in the following folder on the phone (not on the storage card) /windows/Start Menu (You can also create a folder in the start menu to hold all of these shortcuts if you like) Step 3. Now fire up Regedit.exe on your phone and go to the following key. /HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/.pdf Under "Value Data" change "docfile" to "pdffile" Reboot the phone. Step 4. Copy a sample doc, xls, pdf, ppt to your phone. Using the File Manager on the phone, browse to the location of your sample files. Highlight one of the files, then press the Menu softkey. Press File Then Associate Scroll down to the associated program (presentation viewer for powerpoint, worksheet viewer for excel, etc), highlight it, then press the Done softkey. Repeat that for all of the file types, then you should be golden. If you don't see the ClearVue icons on these files afterwards, then reboot and you should be ok. 3. Internet Explorer Cache/Temporary files on the storage card: You'll soon find that surfing the internet takes a lot of memory, so use Internet Explorer Card Cache to put Temporary Internet files on the memory card. Just copy the file to the storage card, and follow these steps: - Run Pocket IE, and from the options menu, clear the Cache, History and Cookies. - Use Task Manager to close down Pocket IE - Open the Card Cache.CAB file to install it (specify to the storage card) - Run Pocket IE - All done, you should now have a Pocket IE directory on your storage card with 3 subdirectories. 4. Copying contacts from the sim card to the phone: If all your contacts are on the sim card from your old phone, use M2 Sim Copy to copy all your contacts to your phone. Move the M2 Sim Copy.CAB file to the storage card and just open it to install it. The only problem is that you'll now have 2 copies of all contacts, but once you delete the extras you can add speed/voice dialing to your contacts. Also, when using the program it'll say "0 contacts copied" or something like that, but don't worry; it copied them anyway. 5. TCPMP Media Player (My favorite program) :cheesy: If you're like me, you used Windows Media Player on your pc to sync your music videos to your phone but soon realized that you can't watch them in full screen and the image is small. This marvelous program (in conjunction with Pocket DivX Encoder) allows you to play your music videos and movies in full screen mode with great resolution. You can download Pocket DivX Encoder from http://divx.ppccool.com/ Install TCPMP on your phone and Pocket DivX on your PC. To install TCPMP, make sure your phone is connected to your pc and then double-click the installation file. Remember to switch the installation location from the Device to the Storage card when asked. To transfer your music videos to your phone, encode them with Pocket DivX to shrink their size and then copy them to a folder on your Storage Card using ActiveSync Explorer (don't sync them with Windows Media Player). When using Pocket DivX, use the Pocket PC setting rather than the smartphone setting because you'll get better resolution and the size will be about the same. Also, set the Video quality to the max (20) and Sound to the max (6) for the best videos. When using TCPMP you can view the videos in Full screen mode. It's amazing! I have 30 of the latest music videos and the ladies love my phone. Oh yeah! :D/ You can also encode your avi/mpg movies from your pc the same way (there's no size limit). I currently have The Transporter 2 on my phone and it's only 280MB (it was originally 700MB). With TCPMP you can create playlists for your videos and songs, so I really don't even use Windows Media Player on my phone anymore. I just put everything on my storage card and I'm good to go with TCPMP. 6. Homescreen "Appointments" Tweak: To change what's displayed as “No upcoming appointments” to something of your choice then use Regedit and go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER, System, State, Appointments, HomeScreen and edit the ‘subject’ string. Change the value to whatever you want displayed (or leave it blank). The good thing about it is that as soon as an appointment is added or comes up then it returns to its default value to keep you informed. 7. Repeating Alarm: The alarm is kinda lame on this phone because it doesn't repeat itself and just sounds/beeps once. You can either set the alarm to "increasing" under settings so that it sort of repeats (every 10 seconds or so), or install Repeating Alarm and it'll repeat every second until you turn it off. 8. ActiveSync Toggle Use this program on your PC to remove the ActiveSync system tray icon when you're not using ActiveSync (because it stays there whether or not ActiveSync is on). On some slower computers, this will free up some much needed memory. 9. True Connect This is a really cool program that lets you use your mouse and keyboard on your phone. You can type e-mails/text messages, open programs, etc. The 14 Day trial is attached below. 10. Street Duel - Underground Racing by Pixelogic This is one of the coolest racing/driving games for smartphones, and it works great on the Cingular 2125. It's almost like Driver 3 for console games. The 2125 is such a good phone that the graphics don't even slow down on the full details setting! You can download the demo or buy it for $14.99 from Clickgamer.com Make sure you select "smartphone" rather than "pocket pc". Well, that's it. I hope you find this post useful. Let me know if you do. Thanks -Patrick =D> Regedit_STG.zip Internet_Explorer_Card_Cache.CAB M2_Sim_Copy.cab TCPMP_for_Smartphone.exe Repeating_Alarm.cab ActiveSyncToggle.exe True_Connect_1.0.exe
  5. Yes, you can tell Actuvesync to put the file in the mem card. 1. Open Active sync 2. Click on Explore 3. Double-click on the "My Windows-Based Mobile Device" icon. This is a shortcut to the rest of the files. 4. Double-click on "Storage Card" (or whatever your memory card is named) and there it is! Select where to send the file on the memory card and you're golden. -Patrick ;)
  6. Have you tried associating .doc files with ClearVue before? What I did is I synched one of my documents onto the phone and then associated the file type with ClearVue Docviewer and it worked fine with attached .doc files. I also did the same with a Powerpoint (Presentation Viewer), Excel (Spreadsheet viewer), and Adobe Acrobat pdf file (PDF viewer). -Patrick
  7. Hmmm...I installed it on my Storage Card yet the "card/mail/attachments" folder showed up on my phone's memory. Then I uninstalled it and re-installed it on the phone's memory to see if it would do the opposite but it still put the folders on the phone's memmory. Any ideas? -Patrick
  8. Ahhhhh yessss! You are the mother f-ing man! This was bugging the crap out of me until 2 seconds ago when I followed your instructions. Good looking out, man. Thanks! =D>
  9. Hey guys. This is a VERY EXTENSIVE website, so I thought I'd save time and ask someone how to Application Unlock my Cingular 2125. I saw some awesome tweaks on this website, and I want to apply them to my phone. So can someone with a Cingular 2125 tell me how they app unlocked theirs? Thanks and happy holidays. -Patrick ;)
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