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  1. I've been one of the first who got the Liquid in december 2009 and I still have it and am still happy with it. For the next phone I'm aiming to a platform change, so no Metals, Streams or any other qualcomm 825x-based phone. I'm waiting for the Optimus 2x in january, and see if in April I'll be able to afford it. So my liquid will have to live another 5 months for sure. This is a record, I have to acknowledge it, since my average cellphone duration has been 4 to 6 months, with a record-low just before the liquid (an htc hero i resold after 1 month). Kudos to Acer for making this wonderful phone.
  2. thenext1


    No I didn't try that. Besides, how would I know if it was working or not?
  3. thenext1


    With the std Froyo rom, if you go in the hidden menu (dialer, *#*#4636#*#*) and into Advance Settings, there's that setting right there, and it is enabled by default on my phone.
  4. That's not the center of the issue... :)
  5. Either that, or this rom was specifically optimized for LiquidE. In fact, it will not flash with acer's pretty flash utility, citing right on the 256 vs 512 MB difference in the phone, and you have to use the old acer tool. On the other hand, Eclair flashed just fine with the stock utility.
  6. Coming from eclair, I also notice the phone is frequently low on memory, i.e. just need to open 2 browser tabs to bring my Liquid on its knees, and it has to unload other apps and tabs. Was not like this on Eclair. Maybe this rom is optimized only for Liquid E and not for liquid, maybe it's time just to get another phone :)
  7. Wifi uses less power, and I think it's because the operation range is so restricted that this saving makes up for the extra power requirement due to the increased signalling rate (54+ mbps versus 7.2+). In 3G, with less-than-perfect signal, the phone becomes really warm. As for the battery, I don't remember where - most probably a Motorola phone spec sheet - but I saw a longer 3G call time compared to 2G. VIceversa, idle time was longer for 2G.
  8. The codec used in 3G is different, but I don't notice any difference. I can't use only 2G though, or else my carrier (h3g italy) will notice and change my plan. Sure, but I hit the power button after placing a call or answering to one, so the screen goes off (same effect of the p-sensor, in fact). You are probably right, but with 2G speeds, your phone would be busy longer than with 3G speeds... so I think, from this standpoint, that 2G uses roughly the same amount of power.
  9. That 'bug' is still there, that is, if you leave the proximity sensor enabled, "Android System" will take up much of your phone usage - as reported in settings > phone info > battery usage - but I don't know how this is related to battery life. Battery life has always been dodgy for me with the liquid. With the latest froyo rom, the 3G data sucks battery like crazy, 1 hour of fiddling and the battery will go from full to just above midway.
  10. You should be aware that the Liquid's signal bars are fake: where most cell phones, and even the donut'ed Liquid, show 1/4 or 2/4 bars of coverage, Liquid consistently shows 3/4. So, when you have seemingly good coverage, and expect good transfer rates, it could be that your signal level is less than you appear to have. Besides, this was on Eclair; 2.2's bars look less fake, but I still wouldn't put my hand over fire for them. Anyway, I'm on H3G italy and my speed is on par with other devices, iPhone 4 considered. It rarely goes above 1,2mbps, but it's the network's fault. Once it reached 2,5mbps, so the phone is definitely capable of those speeds.
  11. Thank you, but flashing the .bin file completely wipes the phone, so how does a factory reset matter before flashing? I alrady removed unused Acer apps + DTG with Ti Backup, but did not factory reset after. Maybe I'll do just the reset, even if i'm not confident it will work, having done it before. I want to add that the browser feels VERY sluggish, especially the stuttering scroll, in many websites that used to be silk-smooth before. Maybe it's because of the new animated gif support? Also the phone seems it's low on memory because it starts to kill apps and browser tabs by the time I open the 4th tab, and I frequently have to wait seconds in an empty screen before an app reloads...
  12. Yeah, I have teh same. When openeing the 3rd browser tab the system unloads one of the others...and this means it will reload over when I switch back to it...and it is very annoying. (Browsing itself, even with Flash disabled, is much, much slower than with 2.1 and the scroll lag is horrible.) WHen going back to home it often reloads everything. When switching back to previously-opened apps I frequently have empty screens lasting seconds, while apps reload after being killed by the OS. With Eclair I could do all of this without the OS killing anything. I don't know if this is due to Froyo that's more memory-hungry, or the firmware being unoptimized for 256MB and killing apps whenever memory falls under a 512MB-calibrated threshold value, but for said reasons, ultimately I want to move away from this firmware...
  13. How do you do that? I removed almost all Acer apps with titanium backup, but I haven't gained that much space... actually, can't say if I gained at all... Instead with the 'df' command in the term emulator I found that there are many partitions on the phone with plenty of wasted free space... i.e. /system partition... how is that? Can't we resize them?
  14. I have to amend my impressions on Google Maps. It works correctly on wifi, too, now. Unfortunately this firmware still suffers from the battery consumption problem, related (maybe) to the proximity sensor. And I find the browser a little slow though...even without flash, some websites are much laggier than with 2.1..and also crashes to home, from time to time (flash still disabled).
  15. This seems strange, but when I go to google maps when connected in wifi, and hold my finger on a place to show its address, the bubble with "Retrieving address" comes up the address is never shown. Then after a little bit google maps says "data connection lost" and no longer works. I've even tried next to my wifi access points, and tried the hold-finger trick in different places in my country. This works flawlessly in 3G. why is this? did someone noticed this problem? why is that with each firmware update, the oddest things happen? i would have expected system failures, not application issues.
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