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  1. Can't receive MMS :/ I bake the mms option to receive correctly mms i wasn't able to send previously and now i can't receive mms anymore with lastest kitchen :/ edit: seems my SMSC was reset 00 instead of 07913396050096f5 for Free Mobile France
  2. After updating trackball color to 1.1.13 LED notifications are back with lastest kitchen values.
  3. I wasn't able to find gmail in French Market neither with market enabler and using Tmobile US. Maybe build.prop pb too?
  4. Is it better to select all google apps ( maps, gmail,... ) from the kitchen or install it after flashing from market ?
  5. I use the default one rom with option in #1 post and just flash this single zip. how can i flash another rom as mount USB doesn't work (ums unfile msg in CWM)
  6. Just flash "151211-1202-Ir-update-modacocustomrom-galaxynexus-kitchen-unsigned-MD5-99d9f4fd06ba0bbe917b12b52f84fd80" and stuck in the Google logo for 20min :S Should i remove the battery and reboot in recovery to flash another one? i checked md5 all was good. How can i flash another rom as i can't boot?
  7. Thanks Paul for information what is the available memory after flashing this rom ?
  8. Thanks Paul. Appreciate your work, wait until a full working rom, and maybe a stock froyo version with fm :angry: . btw we Need your help to port Fm apps to stock froyo. Are you going to include the new radio to the kitchen too ? F.
  9. Hey Paul Can you add a little settings, which show us how approximately free memory we will have with this rom? Thanks F.
  10. Hi Paul, i have some problem to generate the rom with the lastest chrome dev version 6.0.447.0, nothing happen when i 'bake'. All is good with lastest Firefox. Thanks for your good work and speed. F.
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