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  1. I'm currently using a 3network sim with my pocket pc, but I wish to use it as modem to laptop however 3 customer services won't help me as I'm using a non 3 network handset. can anyone tlak me through setup please? thanks in advance
  2. if i purchase a three network sim, can i use full internet access, msn etc...
  3. im trying to find a spv original remember the first incarnation silver plastic thing, ive looked on ebay anyone know where i can get one?
  4. yup msn messenger or windows live messenger is completely free its great i stay logged on all day and its perfect. no lag either skype also works for free in most of europe used it in spain, italy, amsterdam cus they have sister networks out there it remains free! yay!
  5. very cool, pay as you go £49.99 for a bluetooth phone with free msn messenger for extra £5 a month from ur credit unlimited web access and of course free skype calls service works very well im impressed
  6. I have a o2 xda exec and im using o2 3g pay as you go sim the one that gives you free texts every month for the life of me i have never got the internet and mms working with this sim customer services have given me the settings but still nothing i live in the uk hope some1 can help
  7. around the same time as the e100 spv a company was talking about a smartphone originally working with microsoft then going on there own, it had quick launch icons on the screen and i think it was red, it was a small phone but rather think. they eventually released the phone with there own os system i cant remember the name of it anyone help?
  8. Problem with Apple anything published relating to iphone and the copyright of iphone they could be in alot of trouble until the copyright case is sorted there more protecting themselves although use of the iphone title relating to apple products could in turn mean cisco could sue modaco for misuse of a copyrighted name. so Apple as much as i dont like them, could be protecting modaco in many ways. Paul - Pm me please regarding one of our previous conversations
  9. ill post some more demo links later
  10. i test alot of stuff, so just get alot of things
  11. ps3 is muxh better than xbox360 tested one recently
  12. love this game but ive completed it already, some nice extra's to find.
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