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  1. Thanks phil exchanged lcd's last night , I am just getting used to the SPV C600 , also spotted a few cheap LCD screens for the SPV C550 on Ebay last night so may get one once i have some funds. the C600 is a nice phone , the joystick is a bot sluggish compared to the one on my C550 , takes two clicks to respond sometimes but its a lot quicker on the menu screens etc. That guide for swapping screens was great. I may unlock my C550 to virgin or possibly unlock the C600 as i like the music download thing on the 550. not sure yet. thanks again
  2. Hi folks, My mate has just given me his smashed C600 as he has upgraded to a k800i ericsson or something like that Can I use the screen off my C550 in the c600 and also is there any real benefit of changing from C550 to C600 Is it a world of difference. otherwise can you get a screen cheapish , I have seen them on ebay for about £30 , but an actual C600 can go for about that too.
  3. if you mean parallax i know and his stuff is ace, if you mean masterall , how the hell did you get it to run and where did you get the files. I downloaded the stuff recommended on the threads here and ended up with a non working pocketsnes that kicked back to the desktop on choosing a game every time i ran it , reinstalled parallaxes and it worked fine first go. if masteralls stuff does indeed work , i am interested as I hear it runs ok with sound also which would be great. on my attempts though that tgetfile thing lets me choose something then kick out to home screen everytime
  4. Hi Work are letting me have the old Ipaq here for £60 as no one ever uses it anymore. It is an Ipaq 5550 can anyone recommend any software I should look for , I am not sure what these things can do for a start. I am interested in emulation,games,wifi,bluetooth,office software,multimedia stuff,and silly but fun stuff too. is there anything I should look out for. I have Pocket streets installed on there now and have found a couple of emulators , Pocket Clive and Pocket UAE
  5. all you need mate is the latest version of active sync that is available from microsofts own web site, the emulators and stuff on modaco work well on a SPV c550 as long as you get the correct ones , find the versions by parallax as his all work on the 550 masterall has done a load but they just quit back to the home screen when you run them , even if you download the tgetfile thing. Active Sync Link
  6. Masteralls stuff doesnt work on my SPV C550 though I have no doubt it is good work Parralaxes work did work on the SPV but he has quit on them now too :)
  7. I paid £99 new for my SPVc550 and its a neat little phone for playing with , though the C600 was £129 a year ago so you should get one of them cheap now and its newer than my 550.
  8. I have noticed my SPV C550 has become more and more sluggish as time has gone on , despite me removing loads of stuff from storage and putting things onto the mini sd card. sometimes the phone will ring ill click answer and it will not connect the call and then crash with the persons name on the screen saying calling. sometimes I will play an mp3 and it will play at a higher rate than normal and as for moving through the menus , that in itself can take an age as the phone is very sluggish in response to a key press for whatever I choose. I also get a problem when opening sms messages from time to time whereby a small whell will appear containing windows mobile colours and all it does is spin and wont open my sms inbox , this usually entails a reset. also the bluetooth on my SPV is rubbish compared even to my ancient 6230 Nokia it finds people then loses them even when a phone is placed right next to it, it locks up when sending files which then requires a reboot before you can send anything else. Other than these problems the phone is great, anyone come across or solved any of / all of these
  9. I use MAMECE and PCMAME on my spv c550, i prefer PCMAME to be honest but both are good programs. does anyone have an idea what version of MAME roms these two support though, its a nuisance chucking roms across to the SPV to discover they just go to a black screen and wont run.its something like mame 0.34 or something but im not 100% sure of the exact version , also is there a way I can organise my roms on the pc into version 0.3whatever for transmission to the spv I believe there is a prog called mameclr or something but i havent ever used it. Is there in fact a list of tried and tested roms that work on MAMECE and PCMAME I can confirm ghosts n goblins on PCMAME (at a slow rate on my phone however) Frogger works on MAMECE.
  10. forget about an RTS on your smartphone just download or buy if you can Total annihilation for your pc dont fork out loads for core contingency packs etc you dont need them , just download the absolute annihilation add on - free and then lose your life for a while. 10 yrs on and its still a daily requirement to play TA
  11. all I seem to be able to do is load up pocket Snes , choose a rom , do the tget file business etc and it then attempts to load the rom then kicks to the main screen again , every go. remove masteralls version stick paralax back on and it works fine with no sound. I am using a C550 has anyone got a tip to get around this or shall I try it at xmas when I buy the C700
  12. Hi guys similar problem , my bro just 5 mins ago knocked the keyboard off the top of my monitor and onto my spv c550. its broken the screen , but only the external glass thank god , any ideas if its covered by my 12 month guarentee with Orange, its only a pay as you go , but thought there was a possibility? if not where is a good cheap place to get a new front fascia for it from pls , cheers.
  13. first off parralax thanks for the ace emulators. Being an spv c550 owner I find masteralls emulators sadly wont work properly on my phone. I am lucky that for a time at least you had the same phone as me , and your versions work great. have you any plans for updates or is that it now.
  14. Has anyone noticed that bluetooth is very slow and quirky on the spv c550 , I have just bought a 6230 and the tooth runs so much faster on it , i wonder why. in general i find the spv c550 quite slow at some tasks and sometimes it seems to clog up so it takes a few seconds to respond even to a simple menu movement, should i have to reset the spv after every application? Mame CE on it rocks though ;) I have just had a blast on my mates spv c600 and the speed increase is very noticable , may upgrade this xmas
  15. I currently use Orange gprs with my SPV C550 pay as you go mobile phone
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