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  1. Im told we are due to launch any day now (Orange) Looks nice from what i played around with
  2. Awsome pic, Im a little concerned as to why the windscreen is full of bullet holes though Remind me not to travel with that rail network!!!
  3. I used http://htcsimunlock.com/ Cost around £13 i think it was after conversion, got my code in about 15 minutes
  4. I updated mine, BUT... it simlocked the phone and could only remove by purchasing an sim unlock code! ME = Dumbass! lol
  5. So save the messing around ive just had the phone sim unlocked which has sorted my issue. I guess it will add resale value in the future!
  6. Done a rather schoolboy error! ;) Flashed r2 and ticked the radio update (after reading another thread the radio update is not reccomeneded for Orange) Now i get silly network locked message Which of the generic roms include the radio i need? Or even better still is there an update file with previous radio version
  7. I have many spare micro SD cards so just in case I've sickered it as a special flash card. I realise its probably not needed but what else am I going to do with 10, 1 gig cards!
  8. Since when was there a way to gyrate lovingly??! :huh: WB Paul, and congratz on the rooting
  9. You turned off "quiet ring on pickup" option? Allot of people are finding that even just walking can confuse the phone into thinking its been noticed and picked up and heavily reduces the ring volume
  10. From my reading and understanding 2.1 supports divx playback with no need for encoder players
  11. Yea thats a good point, by default the setting is to quiet the ringing noise down when phyically picked up , maybe OP has been walking with it in trousers, phone started to ring then it told itself it had been picked up and lowered the ringtone?
  12. I did the goldcard route and installed generic software onto mine The desire really does complete the small things that were wrong with the hero. Ie Screen size - now perfect with great res. Perfect for web browsing Memory - was an issue regularly dropping under 20mb free and lagging phone, now sorted never going below 100mb even when getting hammered with every app open. Lag here and there, sorted with blistering quick 1ghz processor. Easily handset of 2010 and were only in April. Hero did it last year desire this year, I think Apple are actually getting nervous especially with their new o.s 4.0 that mutitasks wohoo lol
  13. I found the sound levels much better than my hero so all in all am happy but have had louder handsets in the past
  14. You can update all widgets and still use live wallpapers Hope this helps. (i updated mine to generic software using the gold card route) Didn't like the silly demo apps that couldn't be removed. I'm a neat freak
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