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  1. wow fantastic, well done patrik.KT would love to have cm11 working on here :)
  2. count me in I have the chinese one. lets keep this thread alive as theres not much info about this handset im also trying to use xposed framework but no modules seem to work
  3. for anyone struggling to get reply http://en.club.vmall.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=30795 follow instructions on this page (change model to Y550-L01) got my code instantly :)
  4. +1 for y550 section mods I have rooted mine and found a way to get unlocker code directly from there website if anyone is interested as I have still had no email so did it myself :) Got mine for £34.99 but had to top up £20 but amazing deal
  5. thankyou very much for this rom, so far the best of the bunch I think. could any of you clever people tell me how to use the script files as they seem to FC.
  6. Hi I want to try a deifferent firmware, but I have already bricked 3 omnias before and been luck to exchange them I have followed all steps and my 4th used omnia is a tmobile uk branded but already has mshj1 on it which would sugest its already been flashed. Can someone give me a difinitive answer will it work ( I also point out that im not new to flashing had many winmo phones and flashed like crazy, just have probs with omnia) p.s im using a freshly formatted XP install and if its any use my last 3 omnias were voda uk branded I TOOK THE PLUNGE................................FINGER HOVERING ABOVE START............................................IT WORKED I CANT BELIVE IT :D
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