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  1. matex

    Liberate your HTC Shift!

    Paul Thank you for the excellent work and the clear and useful guide. The videos are also a very nice touch just to reassure that one has not misunderstood or overlooked anything. I'm writing this from my liberated Shift. Thanks
  2. I'm actually quite surprised that there hasn't been more buzz on this as well. The silence has been deafening on my favorite sites Modaco, Msmobiles and Coolsmartphone. Is there some sort of bias here towards HP because of their past bungling of the Ipaq line or is there another reason. Despite the lack of feedback from my favorite sites, I just bought one and so far am quite impressed. WM5, wi-fi, bluetooth, GPS in a form factor that beats the heck out of my HTC Wizard. I have had every HTC device since the Canary and while I am still a fan, I haven't seen another unit that has all of this functionality in such a small package. (I haven't been able to see a Samsung yet so I can't compare). I set up the direct Push email using Cortado in less than five minutes and it works flawlessly. Screen is bright, accessories are nice, processor seems a lot faster than my Wizard but without all of the bugs. I can't really comment on battery life yet but it seems acceptable. Anyone else have any negatives on this little gem? Cheers Matex
  3. matex

    Bluetooth sync

    I just set mine up using this great guide. Give it a shot. Good luck. http://www.coolsmartphone.com/cooldownloads/C500 ActiveSync via Bluetooth.pdf
  4. I just app unlocked my french spv e200 on the Orange France web site using the help section for the spv 100. Worked like a charm. Thanks to all in this forum for your help
  5. "I contacted florin_m, got an immediate reply and paid via pay pal- i.e. no risk. It took three minutes and now am unlocked. I'm happy to pay a small amount to help independent developers. Give it a try"
  6. Thanks. It worked. Turned out that doing it under Win 98 really doesn't work. When I connected to my Win XP system and tried your suggestion it worked fine. SPV unfried. I may try the Rompatch again later
  7. Hi I tried applying the decertifying rompatch and followed the instructions (Yes they say in Big letters that "PATCHING ROM's IS DANGEROUS") I now fear this is too true. During the patch I got a communications error from the Orange patching program and now I only have the Three color canary screen at startup. I can go to the "Erase IPSM" section but that too has no effect. Have I fried my SPV and if so what can I do to reload a functioning ROM. Thanks

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