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  1. I'm not sure how many stores have stock of the keyboard but thought it worth mentioning, I managed to pick up the offical Tab keyboard for 19.97 which I thought was a great deal. I'm typing this post using it and I'm very pleased with the feel of the keyboard although it's not great from a portability point of view. John
  2. I haven't been keeping up with topics on this as I generally find Froyo works fine, how is the gingerbread upgrade? John
  3. That forum is for the new 8.9in model hence the forum is quiet, I think there's an error on the frontpage though as I can't see a link to here either, there did used to be one before they re-organised the sections on the Android homepage. I always come by just goingn to tab.modaco.com John
  4. When faced with a similar choice I went with the original 7in Galaxy Tab 3G over the newer, more powerful Honeycomb tablets for a few reasons. The main one was the 7in size which I think is a real sweet spot between the smartphones and netbooks, I find the bigger tablets just too big whereas 7in is pretty comfortable to hold for reading news articles and similar. Froyo isn't a tablet OS but on the plus it's polished and well supported whereas Honeycomb is currently in its infancy, for now I've not found the 'weaker' hardware in the 7in Tab an issue. Finally the price was appealing, I feel at £299 the Tab is fairly expensive for its use so £400+ for the newer Honeycomb tablets was definitely too much for me. Have you tried out any tablets? I don't think there's any right answer to which size is better so I'd try some out in person first if you haven't as that way you'll know which size is better for you. John
  5. If you open the main application rather than the widget, you should see the celsius option on the first screen. John
  6. I've tried that sequence and it's showing the same temperature at Widgetsoid which is 25 degrees currently, Tab has been sitting idling for around half an hour. Mine is usually towards 30 degrees if it's getting much use and drops to 16 degrees over night in a cold room. I've not seen any sign of another temperature sensor but I know very little of the Tab. John
  7. Where are you reading the battery temperature? On Widgetsoid my Tab's temperature varies between 16 and 30 degrees celsius. John
  8. It seems pretty hardcore to use the Tab as a phone! I have a second sim for data which I use in the Tab and keep the N900 as my phone, I can't see any practical way to carry the Tab around as it's too big for a pocket. John
  9. Hey folks, I've picked up a VPA 1605 which I want to use on O2 - I chose the Vodafone because I like its looks plus O2 don't have their variant out yet. The problem I've having is that although I can make and receive calls ok, sms no problem sadly GPRS and MMS are eluding me. I've copied all the GPRS and MMS settings from my XDA Mini S which works fine but MMS gives me errors (it doesn't even try to start a GPRS connection) and GPRS seems to fire up a connection, think about transferring data for a while and then die. When I was having a similar problem getting the Mini S on Vodafone someone pointed me to a Vodafone cab which did the GPRS settings automatically, if I can find them would these work on the Hermes? Also, are there any restrictions aside from the ones mentioned for Vodafone that might be causing this issue? Thanks for any help, between not being to use GPRS, no MMS and the totally unresponsive keyboard I'm starting to think I've made a serious mistake...I really want to like this phone though as it pretty much every thing I wanted that the Mini S lacked. edit: Ok, my V1605 seems to have sensed my distress and guided me to the advanced section of the networks and I've managed to get MMS working. Now to test GPRS and try and work out what's up with this keyboard. Thanks, John
  10. My main complaint about the C600 is the lack of wi-fi, other than that I'm quite pleased with it. I wasn't a big fan of the C500 though, hated the rocker in particular - the C600 has a much better screen, I find the joystick better and in general it feels as if it uses better plastics. John
  11. I think you know what I meant, but if you want to be pedantic HTC don't choose great camera modules for their devices. I'm basing this on each HTC device I've seen or used, the cameras are appalling - other companies are using cameras which are actually fairly reasonable. John
  12. Hey Advent, had a look at your link and not quite sure what you're referring to? Bought one of Boxwave's screen protectors for the Wizard, excellent piece of kit. John
  13. Thanks for the response, I have seen that one but it's not really what I'm looking for as it's designed to work with phone remaining in the case. More along this sort of line (this is much like the Wizard one): http://pdaden.com/shop/images/CLC4dopod818...ni_bf_front.jpg John
  14. I'm looking for a case for the C600, so far most of the ones I've found are those which the phone is placed in and then remains there. Ideally I'd like something like the HTC Wizard/P900 case where you just slide the phone in and then take it out to use it. Not looking to spend a lot of money as it's just a case, any suggestions? Thanks, John
  15. HTC don't produce good cameras, just the way it is. Although I don't expect camera phones to replace a digital camera there are quite a few phone cameras now which produce acceptable quality. HTC obviously go for the business side more but hopefully it's something they will improve in time. John
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