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  1. Omnia Pro "Preview" from GSMArena http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_b7610_omni...-review-378.php From Engagdet "Samsung confirms a NVIDIA Tegra-based smartphone is in the works ..." What appears to be a picture of the B7610 is associated with this news snip http://www.engadget.com/2009/07/24/samsung...he-works-all-o/
  2. Why such big difference in price between the Omnia II and the Pro? "The Samsung Omnia II will go on sale in Singapore this Saturday, July 18 for S$898 (about $619) unlocked, while the Omnia Pro will be available August 1 for something under S$550 (about $379)" http://www.engadgetmobile.com/2009/07/16/o...y-july-16-2009/
  3. Can you point me to your source for this information? I own a Blackjack II and I can understand having the cover on Samsung's propretary port. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the i900 also has one of those proprietary ports. A cover on a 3.5mm Headphone Jack? I've never owned a portable player that had a covered 3.5mm Jack. I find those covers and proprietary ports to be very inconvenient as they require a dongle if you want to use off the shelf headphones. Because of this, I rarely use my BJII to listen to music. I bought a dongle, but never use it because in comes out of the side of the BJ at an award angle that makes it impossible to put your phone in your pocket while listening to music. A cover in a MiniUSB port is also questionable as junk can be easily remove from a USB port without much fear of damaging the pins. The Samsung propretary port is very narrow with a plastic blade-thin edge in the middle that's surrounded by tiny pins. It is very fragile and difficult to clean if junk gets stuck inside. The HTC Touch Pro 2 is in my list of contenders, but because it does not have a 3.5mm jack... the Omnia Pro gets a check on the Pros column for adding the 3.5mm jack and moving away from proprietary ports and connectors. Btw, I'd have proffered if the MiniUSB port was on the lower edge so that third party vendors had the chance to design and make charging docking stations for the phones. Btw, could these new Omnias be using the Samsung S5PC100 processor that's being used in the new iPhone 3GS? This processor is capable of 833MHz and recording 720P video Brochure of the S5PC100 in .pdf format http://www.samsung.com/global/business/sem...hure_200902.pdf
  4. I just saw the picture with details of the top edge of the Omnia Pro (B7610) shown in GSM Arena. Why is Samsung insisting on adding those little covers on such frequently used ports? That cover will probably last me just a few weeks since I always connecting/disconnecting to/from these ports. This phone would have looked so much better if both ports were flush on the top edge. Oh well, at least the picture verifies that the 3.5mm jack exists. http://www.gsmarena.com/showpic.php3?sImg=...smarena_019.jpg The Omnia II (I8000) appear to have a smaller flap that only covers the USB Port. Why is Samsung being so inconsistent with the top edge design of these similar "Omnia" phones? http://www.gsmarena.com/showpic2.php3?sImg...smarena_018.jpg Can someone provide or point me to where I can get details on the layout of the memory (RAM/ROM) and details on the CPU board. Thanks..
  5. I've looked at a bunch of pictures and videos of this new "Omnia Pro", but none show the upper or lower edge where the 3.5mm headphone jack and MicroUSB are supposed to be. Can someone post or point me to pictures or videos with a top and lower edge views of this phone? Like others here I'd also like to get some details on the layout of the memory (RAM/ROM) and more details on the CPU board. Dimensions. specially, the thickness would also be nice to have. Thanks...
  6. I upgraded to this new release, but I continue to have long delays opening folders via the Start Menu using WM 6.1 on a BJII. It also causes problems starting Google Apps from the Panel HomeScreen. Disabling the Anti-Virus option resolves both issues for me. With the previous Beta I had to disable both the Anti-Virus "and" the Attack Protection.
  7. There are "several" SRS_WOWHD.ARM.cab available for download. The two that pop up first after a Google search are ones available at 4share.com followed by another available at FreeWarePPC.com... Could you tell us specifically which one you downloaded and installed? Thanks...
  8. Could you point us to the specific one that work for you and what's the specific version and file size of the .cab file? Also are you using WM6.1 or WM6.0. Thanks
  9. I figured it out... I found version 1.1.10 and when the banner pops up in this version it shows Q=Close to quit the banner ad, but still this version does not allow you to adjust the volume unless you're in the home screen. Re-installed 1.1.4 and pressing the Q closes the banner and the volume works while on the Pandora screen. I'm a happy camper. Thanks...
  10. For what specific phone is the 1.1.4 pandora.cab attached?.... The BJII is not "officially" supported. Is it also for a Motorola Q or for a supported phone with a touchscreen?
  11. I just updated using the new cab posted above, but after it starts I end up with a ad banner from Windows Vista with a Close and More Info options which I can't click because my BJ does not have a touchscreen. The banner covers part of the album art. Is there any way to get rid of this banner? For what specific WM phone is the pandora.cab 1.1.4 posted above? The previous cab that I had installed 1.0.25 was from a Motorola Q as the BJ is not listed as one of the supported WM phones. Anyone else having this issue with a BJII running WV6.1. Thanks...
  12. My problem was being caused by Flexilis beta... I installed it a while ago, but disabled all the protection functions because of performance issues. Some how one of those functions was re-enabled and was causing the slow opening of my folders. Most folders now open as expected... the Games folder is still a bit slugish, but I can live with that.
  13. Same here... the Games folder is the one that takes the longest to open. I also have a storage card. I use an application launcher panel in the Home page to start the most frequently used apps. I wonder if other folks also find the Games folder slow to open.
  14. After resetting my BJII when I click Start and click to open any of the folders it takes an extremely long time (more than a minute) to open any of the folders for the first time. Except the "Settings" folder. Opening any other folder actually hangs the BJII. Subsequent openings of folders that have been already opened are normal. I'm running WM 6.1, I have a total of 12 folders and I have disabled the "Show Recent Programs". I already tried increasing the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\GDI\GLYPHCACHE limit value to 32768 to increase performance, but it does not help. Is there a tool like CHKDSK in the PC to fix a corrupted files in the phone memory? Any suggestions
  15. There a few free games and emulators that work on the BJII here: http://www.myblackjack2.com/category/applications/games/ I'd like to get MineSweeper on my BJII, but I have not been able to find a free version that worksI. Does anyone have MineSweeper working on a BJII with WM6.1?
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