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  1. impy78

    O2 K850i

    Well, I have it and I love it! It is unlocked and it's pretty effing special, and the battery lasts and lasts!
  2. I never thought I would say this... but the Vario II has driven me crazy and maybe away from windows mobiles for a while. I loved my Compact II, it was something of a joy to use, in fact, but this hunk o junk is the buggiest thing I've ever used! It crashes all the time, it cuts calls off constantly, the battery lasts literally 4 hours. I'm getting a SE k850i instead - still have push email and internet, but hopefully without soft resetting 5 times a day!!!! Roll on simplicity!
  3. impy78

    O2 K850i

    I HATE the Vario II! It is buggy, the battery lasts for literally 4 hours between charges, it crashes 10 - 20 times every day and it also cuts people off when I try to answer their call. I say NO! Thanks guys!
  4. impy78

    O2 K850i

    Hiya Chaps, I am a lucky lass. My dad is upgrading his phone, but as he doesn't like change, he is giving me his new phone - the SE K850i. However he is on O2 and I am on T-Mobile. Will I need to get it unlocked? I have used my sim card in his current phone (a samsung d600) with no probs, but i was wondering if O2 had ever changed this at all?
  5. Click on the settings button in the camera application (The little spanner), and then select "capture settings" (The little picture of the person, being pointed to with a magic wand), and then the menu for increasing the resolution is there. Also make sure you have selected video camera and not mms video.
  6. I just keep getting "server cannot be found" on my vario II.
  7. T-mobile Customer services are not just in a different laegue to Orange, they are in another universe! I cannot recommend them enough. And they are much cheaper than Orange too...
  8. Pester power is getting there slowly but surely...just received this email (on a Sunday - poor buggers!!!): Come everyone who hasn't done it already, email t-mobile!!!!
  9. I've just emailed them. Maybe they'll listen when they get hundreds of emails on the subject!
  10. True, but I'm not too bothered about wm6 right now.
  11. I have got a similar, but slightly different problem: I synched my music as normal to my card, but when i go into media player and try to open my music from there, it brings up the error message "The system cannot find the file specified" I have not used any other music programmes on it. I have tired to re-synch it to no avail, and when I select "Update library", it finds all the music, but then crashes when it tries to add it to the library....
  12. I have had a look at the Ameo, and although it is still a very beautiful thing, I don't think I can live with it as my main phone. I have fallen for the vario II - lovely!!!
  13. am starting early on my upgrade plans this year, as I would like to be able to talk myself into a really good deal, so I need preperation...... I am coming up to the end of my 18 month flext 35 contract (with web n walk) in May. I usually spend £10 over my line rental each month...... What i would like (in my wildest dreams!!!) is the T-Mobile Ameo, either free, or at a (heavily) discounted price. If not, my second choice is an MDA Vario II (loving the windows mobile!!!) And my last choice would be a Nokia N95, but only if the chips are really down!!! Any suggestions, please??
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