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  1. In your bluetooth settings from control panel make sure you create an incoming port... then mirror these settings on the device and your bluetooth activesync should work.
  2. PaceUK


    My opinion so dont bash... I think its pretty useless lol. I have tried it with about 5 devices and on the K750i which it worked on, it prompted to save a message at least twice before it was displayed... now if you diddnt know what it were you would just reject it... So I cant seem to work out why everyone is raving about it? Gotta admit though I was eagerly awaiting this for months... what a let down =(
  3. Thanks for the links. I seem to be getting errors like the guy who posted on the site. Never mind, thanks for the help anyway. Pace
  4. has anyone with an sp5 mananged to change their startup screen? I have managed to change the shutdown but for some reason the first startup wont chage, despite the image being the same as the second and the shutdown...
  5. PaceUK

    bluetooth sdk?

    Thank you sir :)
  6. Guys... I want to dip my feet in bluetooth programming using visual studio... can anyone reccommend a bluetooth sdk? Thanks, Pace
  7. Yet another spam post. Do people actually read and more importantly SEARCH these boards or do the majority of people just want spoon feeding all their lives? :-p
  8. Hi All, I have used the sticky as a guide to changing the splash screens. I have successfully changed the shutdown screen but when I change the value: HKLM\System\Startup\1 to a different path for the image I want instead of the pants imate one, the imate one still appears... Any one have any ideas? The image is located in Application Data\Home\... Thanks
  9. PaceUK

    MIO Picture Count

    bump! no-one?
  10. Hi, Im still unsure on the MIO... one thing I cant quite get though, how do you re-set the picture count to 0 on the device?
  11. You could do if you wanted... but thats about as neccessary as that troll... ;)
  12. Hi Richard, yes I read that bit and thats what I was hoping expansys would do. I dont suppose you have any contact information to hand do you? Many thanks, Pace
  13. Expansys wont help me and I cant seem to find anywhere in the uk... pretty poor after sales support by the suppliers if you ask me.
  14. =D> #-o :-$ :roll: ;) anyone managed to find one of these?
  15. PaceUK


    Hi, Is it possible to get hold of a replacement display for the SP5?

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