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  1. I am using a WM6 rom from Chinese website. That made my old c555 look really cool. Now it can use WM5torage and the phone recording function of AudioNotes.
  2. I am not the author, so I can't alter the font style. But I also got another version of the app, which could let you choose the tinner font and show the memory status, but a little bigger to 11k. Timer.exe
  3. It's just a slim programe, won't install anything to your system, won't slow down you system. It's only achieve after you run it. So, you can't see it after you restart you handset, you must run it again.
  4. try to get it free from Orange shop I just replace a free headset last week
  5. 1) try hard reset you handset, and don't run too much softwares, end the inessential softwares after use it. 2) replace it^_^, 3)the rom version seems won't be updated by orange, if you like, you could try the T-mobile's version, but some guys said it's worse than orange one. And I also have the China Mobile version, which could change into english font easily and merely build in WM basical software, no file manager, task manager, no other music player, it's jiust clean and clear
  6. Because the default skin use the 160x160, so all the folder.jpg I made is in 160x160. When the skin use other dimensions, the album art picture will look ungainly, especially the line.
  7. any way, I think you'd better keep the picture of AlbumArt in 160x160 size, so that it display in normal way.
  8. Nice work, but the link of red one is the same with the blue one, hope to fix it soon
  9. could you please make a WMP11 style skin for c550?
  10. I got the replacement at the Orange Shop today, happy^_^
  11. I think there are some problems with the line of my headset, now it only make sound from right side Do you think I could get the placement of headset? As I indeed need the headset to listen the mp3.
  12. you just need to press it once, and the sound will keep going to the headset, of couse, you need to end the cdial.exe first, or it will become the voice dial.
  13. Use the task manager to end the cdial.exe, press the talk-key at you bt-head-set, and enjoy it PS: The sound quality always sounds like the radio, because of the limited bt speed, I think you won't get much delight.
  14. I had tried all the Solutions provided at http://www.coolsmartphone.com/index.php?op...tid=58&Itemid=3 but it still doesn't work, so I called the Orange to get the replacement. It will arrive in 1 to 3 hours.
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