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  1. Installed and working 100% , Thanks! I love my wheater in home screen!
  2. Thanks Paul, working 100%!, so now i need insert spanish in to ROM of my HTC S710 :-)
  3. For me directly not work, in enabled services list when pairing with dektop pc, no appear nothing ;), 0 services LOL...
  4. In My Vox Modaco No Data, Not Workz :-(......tell-me the message of exception...quit and reinstall and no sucess....
  5. Hi, cyberhorse, in next days send to you the rules for spain... Regards!
  6. Check tha link for more information, i ordered 2 units, i promise a put review here! i-mate sp5 dock music station P.D.: Moderators please if not is correct this topic in this forum, move to correctly,Thanks!
  7. yeah, i test "trial" now, thanks for your fast answer! Edit: Work 100% with beta Version 4.0 Beta5! :-)
  8. Hi guys, exist any application for input time 30 minutes, 1 hour, etc....and phone automatic shut down? (power-off).... Yes, No? any help it´s ok for me. Sorry for me english... Thanks!
  9. Hello!, in my Qtek 8310 not work, the same mesage "undefined:'IIResult' ".. ;) Any help for fix this? Regards from Spain!
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