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  1. The closest you get right now is the HTC s740. Granted, it has a slide-out keyboard (which is one of the frills you don't want), but you could just not-use it. The overal thickness of the device is not greater than the good-old HTC Tornado. But you're not the only one who raises this question, see the discussion on the forum when the s740 came out. Best bet right now is to go for the s740, since all development seems to be going into touch screen devices. Too bad IMHO...
  2. Route66 version 7 and Garmin Mobile XT 5.0 also work on the S740. Sygic McGuider should also work, as well as CoPilot Live 7, but I have not tested those last two.
  3. Any good tips on carrying cases for the s740? Preferably for on my belt (I know, geeky, but I'm used to it...)
  4. Will there be an official "Ask ... " topic? B)
  5. What would be the best navigation software for a device like this (since TomTom is no option)? And while I am at it: is there a better browser available than IE, something like Opera but optimized for Smartphone?
  6. If that is the case, SE better tell the public, because many people are not waiting for the X1 and getting Touch Pro's and such. With WM7 in the pipeline, SE would have a trump card up its sleeve. BTW, wasn't there a condition that WM7 phones should have multi-touch?
  7. I can hardly imagine this is true. The Panels require serious power. I have not read prove but the general consensus in a Dutch forum I follow is that thsi should be taken with a grain of salt for now.
  8. And even then... the non-standard 800x480 ratio might prevent some software from running. I am not too sure all software developers will make the effort to make sw WVGA-compatible.
  9. Mixed feelings... Smape states that apart from the keyboard, the X1 is superior to Touch Pro, but apart from the screen resolution, i am not too sure. If you don't use the device as a mediaplayer, the 3.5 mm jack is not an issue, and the X1 does not offer a tilt sensor (admittedly, that is more of a gimmick). Furthermore, it is somewhat larger and bound to be more expensive. But still, it's a nice device...
  10. Whyyyyyyy, HTC, are you making my life hard.... :D I was all pumped up to get a Touch Pro (still am BTW), but this little guy shakes the foundations of my decision a bit. I'm using an HTC Tornado now, and what I like most about this smartphone is the ability to use it one-handed and that one can use the keypad to navigate the menus quickly (because most menus have corresponding numbers). Upside of switching to WM Pro is increased support for applications. THE killer app for me, navigation, is increasingly difficult, since TomTom ditched Smartphone support. Anyway, I would actually love the QWERTY-keyboard, because it gives the ability to sidestep T9, which is ok for the occasional SMS, but a disaster when typing e-mails. One question BTW: does anyone know how the navigation input on the s740 is? I see a Diamond-like circle in the middle, but there does not appear to be any room for d-pad buttons around that circle (vertically at least).
  11. Don't get me started :D. One question I still had is, how is the compatibility of the WVGA screen with third-party software? I don't know if you use a lot of that stuff, but my concern would be that some software does not run out of the box on widescreens. Do you have experience with that? For instance, have you tried navigation software, such as TomTom? Cheers!
  12. Still... now that we know that the button panel is touch sensitive as well, this opens up an opportunity to add functionality. I am thinking, for instance, about shortcuts when (double) tapping the hardware keys instead of pressing them. That would be neat...
  13. Cool, how did you get a hold of it? Or you a beta-tester for the phone? Can you confirm there is no accelero in the X1? In what sense is the keyboard hard to use? Is there enough feedback from the keys? So, from your experience, the current Panels-interface is not one-hand-friendly out of the box? Nice to have some actual experience in this topic :D
  14. I understood that the X1 is supposed to have a dedicated button for toggling between portrait and landscape. This would make sense if the X1 lacks a tilt sensor. Then again, one would use a device like this in landscape with the keyboard extended anyway, so why bother with a button... I agree the Diamond could use some more buttons, but it does have a power button, dedicated volume buttons on the side, and the OK key is represented by the "Back" key, which is not your classical-smartphone-like-back-key it appears.
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