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  1. zabique32

    Root 1.32 ?

    Unfortunately there is no 1.31 ROM for Vodafone UK, but thnx anyway
  2. zabique32

    Root 1.32 ?

    If there is no rooting for v1.32 then is it possible to downgrade ROM to 1.31 ? I want Rodigues ROM on my legend :(
  3. Hi I would like to request extraction of "file explorer" app from Omnia2 ROM. It's much more finger friendly than standard file manager in HD2. anyone got cab? Cheers
  4. Anyone know where in REG I can find: 1.gps program port com 2 2.hardware com 9 baudrate 9600 3.acces manage gps automatically I would like to include these changes in GpsModDriver_138.cab installer file. What do you think? cheers
  5. I'm running Xp, so there is no need for administrator mode. Cheers for uploading .nbh file UPDATE! Working on my other laptop sorry for troubles!
  6. I have tried 2 of 3 ROMs Error screen say: "Can't run application, because it's configuration is inappropriate. Reinstallation of application can solve the problem" [ OK ] QUE? :/ Any chance for uploading RUU_signed.nbh
  7. What is the update procedure. I'm getting some application errors after runing installer exe on PC. it was ok with SSPL_RUU and LEO_2.01.531.02_WWE_B21887 today.
  8. Anyway, best deal i have found so far is at mobilephonesdirect t-mobile
  9. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! I can't find it on their website :)
  10. Time to cancel my order and look for it somewhere else.
  11. Anyone know if vodafone adding any MicroSD card, like they did with first omnia?
  12. Same here :) Regarding change of my contract from 12 to 24 months, customer service told me that it's 18 months not 24 like in e-mail they sent. I still feel cheated! because nowhere on VF website it stated that my contract period is changing.
  13. I have ordered it yesterday! but now there is a problem :/ Currently Samsung Omnia + 12 months contract 250min + 100 texts = 30 pounds. My contract expire 30 Dec 2009. I have logged in to vodafone account and clicked UPGRADE HANDSET page. Then it displayed list of phones available to pick, of course I have choose HD2 but I had to pay extra 60 pounds charge to get it. Seems like fantastic deal instead of UPGRADE PHONE AND PLAN to 24months contract 900min + unlimited text and internet for 35 pounds a month. So my order was processed and after while I'm getting Email from VF saying: WHAAAT?! I just have upgraded handset not plan! So now I have to wait until Monday to speak to one of the upgrades advisors :/ This is my first upgrade, but as I understand when you choose to upgrade handset only then it mean it's extended for same period of time as initial contract? AM I RIGHT?
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