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  1. Hello everybody, I tried several times to send a FAX through Microsoft WINFAX but it doesn't work. These are the steps I follow: 1) First I disconnect Active Sync; 2) Then I switch on the modem USB connection on the smartphone; 3) I open the WINFAX and then I configure the FAX settings 4) I set "mio digiwalker smartphone USB modem" as FAX 5) Of course I authorize the modem to send fax. 6) When I try to send a document, the FAX monitor immediately says that there was an error during sending it.... I'M GETTING CRAZY!! WHY IT DOESN'T WORK??? I SET EVERYTHING IN ORDER TO MAKE IT WORK BUT IT DOESN'T!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!! Thanks
  2. Hello all, :D this is my version: Operator: 4.20.13349.0 Manufacturer: Microsoft: 4.20.13349.0 Language: 4.20.13349.0 File System: 4.20.13349.0 Radio: R4.0.4 MBE44087-01 P2 is it convenient to bump the rom to other version (i.e. R45) :??: if yes, onces i get the rom, which is the method to flash the phone :??: did you hear something about the mio 8390 service pack 2 :??: what does it do :??: and what about this cab: NETCFv2.wm.armv4i.cab :??: too much question I know.. ;) thank you all MTAC owners....
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