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  1. The past 2 days my phone has gone into flight mode 3 times. I've tried to change the setting but I keep getting a message saying that the settings can't be reached. I've tried putting my bluetooth on and off, but I still can't change flight mode. I also sat in places where I would normally get full signal to see if it would change but it hasn't. I've had to hard reset my phone each time but I can't keep doing that. Is there any way I can delete the flight mode feature? or prevent flight mode from enabling?
  2. norcal11

    c500= smt5600

    also, for a screen replacement, will it just be a plug in or will i have to solder on the ribbon?
  3. ive looked through the threads and can't find the information i am looking for. i broke my lcd screen on my smt5600 and found one for a c500. is the c500 identical to the smt5600? will the lcd screen work? thanks.
  4. norcal11

    New Housing

    http://www.tipcell.com/other_original_housings.htm they have the front covers here. you have to email them for pricing though.
  5. today my lcd screen was cracked and it is totally destroyed. i have found some lcd screens online but i was wondering if anyone has attempted to put in their own lcd screen. is it difficult to install the lcd sceen? will there be a lot of work or will i just remove my old one and install the new one? any help will be greatly appreciated.
  6. i am brand new here and have had my smt5600 for about a month. i was wondering if it was possible to use songs or other sound files as ringtones. do you have to put the songs in a certain folder to be able to use them as a ringtone? any help would be great. thanks.

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