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  1. Using orange mms,when I try and download or send a mms i get a "not enough free space error" even though I have a spare 4mb of phone memory.Any ideas? Alby
  2. Ooops pushed wrong button :oops:
  3. OK, MyPocketDivx version:0.3.60 I was using the PDA output,320x240 And everything else,apart from bitrate, was default :D The movie was Sheck 2 :D (for my kids obviously!) and the output file was 163 mb. Oh and Stu ,156 2.0 Veloce ;)
  4. Just to clarify,the run time counter is working,the duration of the file display is not. If I go into media info when the movie is opened,it shows duration as 0:00.809 and filesize 6kb :exclaim: I will look at the pocket divx settings tonight. Stu..nice Alfa by the way....got one myself ;)
  5. Hi all, I recentley encoded (PocketDivXEncoder)and copied to my c55o a full length movie.It plays fine(TCPMP) but the timer in the top right of the TCPMP window does not work nor the time slider bar.Therefore I can't fast forward or skip scenes. ;) Other movies I've encoded with different software are fine. Any ideas?
  6. Thanks for reply Sno, Think I sussed it.Had to refresh the homescreen by switching between another one.Now its working great ;) Once again thanks for everones help
  7. I edited the Mac.home.xml to where my orneta and tcpmp are and sent to phone......but still not working! :evil: Here's my moded file: My Orneta link on phone is:Storage\Windows\Start Menu\Notepad.lnk My TCPMP link on phone is:Storage\Windows\Start Menu\TCPMP.lnk Why is it not working........mac_al.xml
  8. My tcpmp is in storage\program files...but I tried the icon before the sno xml and it didn't work..oh and my notepad icon is not working either ;) I've just installed orneta,which is in the start menu ok thanx for help Alby
  9. I'm afraid I don't understand...bit of a newbie! :oops:
  10. Hiya,Luv the mac screen. but can't get my tcpmp icon to work even though I've added the sno.xml to the storage\app.data\home folder ;) Any ideas
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